4 Reasons Why the Row-N-Ride® is the Best At Home Fitness Equipment Investment You Can Make

The Row-N-Ride® is one of our most popular products, and for good reason! What’s not to love about a machine that can do it all?.

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The Row-N-Ride® is one of our most popular products, and for good reason! What’s not to love about a machine that can do it all? This fan-favorite can target not only your glutes and thighs but also your core and upper body - for an all-in-one full body workout. Keep reading to learn 4 reasons why the Row-N-Ride is a must-have for your home gym collection.


1. Adjust to Your Fitness Level

Adjustable Seat & Handlebars

This machine is great for all fitness levels - from beginner to advanced - this machine can meet your needs! Adjust the seat, and handlebars to your desired height. In general, the best seat setting for you will be where you feel comfortably supported while both at the top and bottom of your squat. The best handlebar setting for you where you can grip the handlebar comfortably to minimize strain on the wrists while being able to complete your rows with a full range of motion.


Adjustable Seat Height

You can also choose from 3 different seat settings - 90 degrees, 60 degrees, or 30 degrees to determine the depth of your squat. In general, the deeper your squat setting, the more your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves will need to engage as you extend up for your squat. We recommend beginners start with the 90-degree seat setting, while more advanced exercisers will enjoy the challenging depth of the 30-degree seat setting.


Adjustable Resistance

Finally, the Row-N-Ride comes equipped with 3 different resistance bands. Each resistance band adds approximately 22 lbs of resistance to your workout. We recommend beginners to start with 0-1 resistance bands. As you increase in your fitness level and strength, you can begin to complete longer sessions, and work up to 2-3 resistance bands to really take your workout to the next level!


2. Achieve a Full Body Workout

The Row-N-Ride is an incredible machine that can be used to achieve a great full body workout. While many comparable squat machines are used just for squats, the Row-N-Ride can be used to complete a variety of movements to target your full body!

While standing on the machine, complete a variety of squatting motions - such as regular squats, plie squats, squat holds, pulses, and more to work your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves. For tips and tricks to make your squats more glute focused, be sure to check out our Glute Guide.

Or give your legs a rest and pull on the handlebars with your upper body to complete a variety of rowing motions. Switch your grip from wide, underhand, and overhand grip, to single arm rows to challenge different areas of your upper body.

There are also plenty of exercises that can be completed when dismounted from your Row-N-Ride as well such as bent over rows, overhead presses, deadlifts, crunches, and hip thrusts. The options are truly endless, and with this machine, you have everything you need for a challenging and effective full body workout!


3. Strengthen & Tone Muscles

The resistance on this machine, when paired with the correct exercises and workouts, can help you strengthen and tone your entire body. By using your Row-N-Ride regularly, you can build strong, lean muscle in your upper body, lower body, and core. The way you use your Row-N-Ride is up to you. You’re welcome to complete rep-based workouts, challenging yourself to complete more reps, and/or increase resistance regularly.

We also have a variety of workouts designed to help you strengthen and tone your entire body while using your Row-N-Ride machine! Check out a few of my favorites below, or check out the Row-N-Ride Playlist on the Sunny Health & Fitness YouTube Channel for more workouts and ideas!


4. Lose Weight

Finally, the Row-N-Ride is a great option for completing challenging HIIT workouts, or cardio-based sessions, that engage your entire body and burn tons of calories. When used in addition to your strength sessions on your Row-N-Ride, cardio-based sessions will burn additional calories to help shed unwanted fat and lose weight. Cardio can also be great for challenging your fitness, pushing you to be stronger, and more athletic.

Check out my favorite Row-N-Ride cardio workouts below. These sessions are great for burning calories and pushing your fitness to the next level.

Looking for more? Be sure to head to the Row-N-Ride Playlist on our YouTube Channel. If you’d like to tune in on the latest and greatest Row-N-Ride workouts, be sure to subscribe to the Sunny Health & Fitness YouTube Channel!


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