6 of the Best Rowing Machine Workouts to Increase Cardiovascular Fitness & Strength

6 of the Best Rowing Machine Workouts to Increase Cardiovascular Fitness & Strength

If you’re looking to mix up your workouts at home, rowing is an amazing option for a full body workout that will challenge your cardiovascular fitness and strength. Rowing is a total body workout, engaging your lower body, upper body, and core through each stroke. It’s a low impact workout, and one of the best choices for increasing muscular endurance and elevating your fitness to the next level.

If you’re ready to get started with a regular rowing routine, check out the rowing machine workouts below, each designed to challenge your cardiovascular and muscular system in a variety of different ways!

1) 10 Minute Rowing Drills Practice

This routine is perfect for beginners, or anyone looking to break down their stroke and improve their form. Use it as a warmup or a practice session throughout the week to keep those key elements of your rowing stroke fresh on your mind and body for better strokes in your high intensity workouts!

2) 10 Minute Rowing Pyramid Interval Workout

Get a quick 10 minute sweat in at home with this 10-minute rowing pyramid intervals workout. This workout is great when you want to make an impact but are pressed for time. No excuses! Work from 1:00 intervals down to 0:15 seconds of all-out sprints and build back up to 1:00 intervals for a serious burn.

3) 15 Minute Power Row & Core Workout

Drop everything and give this 15-Minute Power Row & Core Workout a try! It may be quick, but it’s anything but easy. In this session, you’ll make the most of your time both on your rower with some intense power rowing intervals and off your rower for bodyweight core exercises.

4) 15 Minute Rowing 1:1 and 30:30 Interval Workout

This interval rowing workout is great for incorporating high intensity calorie burning interval training into your weekly fitness routine. The workout will take you through 5 rounds of 1 minute power stroke intervals and three 30 second all-out blitz intervals. During each hard rowing interval, you should focus on producing maximum power with each stroke.

5) 20 Minute Intermediate Rowing Drills Workout

When it comes to rowing, your form makes all the difference for your efficiency, and muscle engagement. If you’re ready for a full 20-minute workout, this session is great for practicing your form while also challenging your overall fitness to take your cardio and strength to the next level!

6) 25 Minute Intermediate Rowing & Strength Intervals Workout

This workout includes intervals on your rower and full body bodyweight exercises off your rower for a challenging and rewarding total body workout! Don’t forget to cool down, stretch, and recover after this challenging session.

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6 Best Rowing Machine Workouts Infographic
6 Best Rowing Machine Workouts Infographic

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