Best Under Desk Bikes

If you’re looking to increase activity while at the office, or even from the comfort of your sofa, I’ve rounded up a list of the very best of Sunny Health & Fitness under desk ellipticals and bikes.

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Best Under Desk Bikes

If you’re looking to increase activity while at the office, or even from the comfort of your sofa, I’ve rounded up a list of the very best of Sunny Health & Fitness under desk ellipticals and bikes.

Each of the top under desk bikes and ellipticals I’ve listed are my favorite for a reason; each brings its own unique features and benefits to the table. Whether you’re interested in increasing fitness and circulation, targeting your upper and lower body, or the option to stand or sit on your equipment – there’s an option that’s perfect for you!

Keep reading to find out my top recommendations for best under desk bikes and ellipticals.


SF-E3872 Magnetic Under Desk Elliptical

SF-E3872 Under Desk Elliptical

The SF-E3872 is an ideal fitness machine for under desk exercise. The easy glide track creates a smooth and quiet workout, so whether you’re watching TV or at the office, you won’t need to worry about bothering those around you. Gain momentum as you stride along this elliptical’s low-profile design that makes it perfect for under desk or table activities.

I love how this little machine makes it easy to multitask. It allows you to stay active, and reduce your risk of being sedentary, while not distracting from your demanding work schedule. Challenge yourself with 8 levels of magnetic resistance and check in on your progress with the digital monitor which conveniently displays time, speed, calories, and distance.


SF-B0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike

Achieve an incredible workout for both your lower and upper body with the SF-B0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike. The low-profile design of this mini exercise bike makes it perfect for under desk cycling. Or, place your mini exercise bike on a table and pedal with your hands for a vigorous upper body workout. The textured non-slip foot/hand pedals with adjustable straps will keep whatever’s in use – your feet or hands – comfortably and safely secured into place. And with 8 levels of magnetic resistance, you’ll be free to challenge yourself throughout your fitness journey with this convenient little machine. If keeping track of your fitness progress is a priority for you, look no further. This machine includes a digital monitor that cycles through time, speed, distance, and calories.

The small size and light frame of this machine make it extremely portable, easy to move from room to room, or home to office as you please. Burn some extra calories while working at your desk or relaxing in front of the TV with this incredibly versatile machine.


SF-E3908 Portable Standup Elliptical

This incredibly unique dual function product allows for both seated and standing elliptical exercise. The machine is designed with a beautifully smooth wheel track system, and I just can’t get enough of the momentum that effortlessly builds as you’re gliding on this elliptical. Once you get the hang of it, standing on this elliptical is incredibly fun. The textured grip foot pedals lock your feet into place so once you get moving you feel safe and secure.

Included on this machine is a digital monitor that displays time, speed, calories, distance, as well as a scanning feature that cycles through all of your stats. Cycle through 8 levels of magnetic resistance to challenge you when you feel like hitting it hard or back off the intensity on a lighter day.

While this machine can be used under a desk, you will need to play around with it a little bit to get the proper placement for maximum comfort, and the clearance is a bit higher than our other under desk models, so this is something to consider if you’re hoping this will fit under a low desk.

This item offers amazing flexibility between sitting and standing that is unmatched in my personal opinion. It’s ideal for use when seated on a couch or chair, as well as standing activities anywhere.


SF-E3626 EZ Stride Motorized Auto Assisted Under Desk Elliptical

The SF-E3626 EZ Stride Motorized Auto Assisted Under Desk Elliptical is a great option for those looking to increase mobility and circulation, as well as increase activity levels. This machine is also dual function and can be used either in auto mode, where the machine actively completes the motion for you; or, in manual mode, during which the user will need to push against the 3 levels of resistance.

Thanks to the auto mode function on this machine, this under desk elliptical would be great for those recovering from an injury, or more inexperienced exercisers looking to increase strength, and gain range of motion and circulation in the lower body.

This machine was designed with an upright seated position in mind, like how you would sit in everyday life on the couch or at a table or desk. It also has a low-profile design - making it ideal for under desk activities. The non-slip foot pads and included non-slip mat take any mid-workout skidding or slipping out of the equation.

Finally, this under desk elliptical has convenient digital monitor to track your progress. See your step count increase as you exercise. Challenge yourself to complete more steps than you did during your last workout by increasing the speed or time of your workout. Make quick adjustments between auto mode, manual mode, resistance, speed, and forward or backward motion.



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