Home Gym: What Can $500, $1000, and $2000 Get You?

A fully equipped home gym is an essential component to helping you reach your maximum human potential and physique goals.

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Home Gym: What Can $500, $1000, and $2000 Get You?

Trainers Choice Home Gym: Under $2000

A fully equipped home gym is an essential component to helping you reach your maximum human potential and physique goals. If you are willing to invest in yourself this way, you can get all you need in your home gym for just under $2000. Building a strong and powerful body long term requires equipment that can push you to your limit, get you to your goals, and help you progress toward your next goal. Having a variety of equipment in your home gym will also help keep your body from adapting to the same movement overtime, which may hinder your continued success. In this home gym package, you will find resistance training equipment to help you increase your muscular strength, size, and power. You will also find equipment designed to build a strong cardiovascular system, perform plyometric training, and develop your core. This home gym package also gives you the ability to add many other functional training exercises to break up the monotony of traditional strength training programs. Two stand outs in this home gym package are the Motion Air Bike and the Power Zone Squat Stand.






Trainers Choice Home Gym: Under $1000

For $1,000 you can easily outfit your home gym with everything you need to get fit and keep your workouts interesting. For this home gym package, I’ve selected two of my favorite cardio machines: the SF-RW5713 Obsidian Surge Water Rower, and the SF-E3919 Premium Cardio Climber. With both cardio machines at your disposal, your cardio routine will be extremely effective and versatile with the ability to target your muscles from every angle. Every well-rounded fitness routine includes strength building activities, that’s why in this home gym set up I’ve included a NO. 014 33LB Adjustable Chrome Dumbbell Set, and two No. 066 Vinyl Coated Kettlebells at 15 and 20 lbs. With this free weight collection, your exercise options are endless. Free weights are excellent for not only building strong, lean muscles, but increasing functional strength as well. This home gym also includes a SF- BH6505 2-in-1 Flat Sit Up Bench which can be used to complete core exercises to target your abs, obliques and more! Finally, to complete your home gym, the No. 064 Folding Gym Mat will be a great addition, as this mat is excellent for yoga, Pilates and core workouts, or even a relaxing post-workout stretch. This home gym includes everything you need to take your health and fitness to the next level!



Trainers Choice Home Gym: Under $500

If your budget is a bit tighter, but you still desire to build a home gym capable of helping you move toward your health and fitness goals, check out this fully equipped home gym set up. The SF-B1918 will help you cycle your way to a strong cardiovascular system while helping burn calories. If your goal is weight loss or weight management, this bike can support you with its eight levels of smooth magnetic resistance. It also comes equipped with a performance monitor that can track speed, calories, pulse, distance, and rpm to help you turn your home gym into your very own cycling studio. Our adjustable workout bench paired with the neoprene dumbbell set gives you several different ways to add full body resistance training capabilities into your home gym environment. The addition of the extra wide yoga mat and toning tubes fill out this complete package enabling users to perform stretches comfortably, target the development of their core, and perform other elastic resistance training exercises. The perfect home gym will be filled with equipment that is convenient and effective for you to use. Check out sunnyhealthfitness.com to find other useful equipment that can help you along your health and fitness journey.




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Steven Sammons

My plans are finally coming into reality. I just bought a evo-fit upright bike next I plan on getting the treadmill, I know the treadmill will really benefit me because about 3 years ago I was walking 5 miles in the morning and 5 miles in the evening and lost a lot of weight but I moved and it’s sorta hard to walk like I was so I gained weight back but now when I get the treadmill I can walk without any distractions. Thank you for your company, I’m 63 and feel like I’m 35
Thank you