How to Use Landmine Attachment - Setup & Exercises

Learn what a landmine attachment is, why you should use it, and how to set up.

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How to Use Landmine Attachment - Setup & Exercises

Have you ever seen someone using a landmine at the gym and felt completely overwhelmed? I mean, it looks awesome when you see it in action, but if you’ve never tried a landmine before, it can feel unapproachable.

You may find yourself walking by a landmine at the gym and thinking, ‘not for me.’ Or you may be thinking right now, ‘what the heck is a landmine’? Understandable.

Today I’m breaking down what a landmine is, why you should use it, and how to use it. I hope by the end of this article, you realize that landmine training is not just for gym rats, it’s for everyone - even you!


What is a Landmine Workout Equipment?

A landmine is a piece of exercise equipment that can be used for strength training. It’s a barbell that’s anchored to the ground on one end.

You may see a landmine anchored in the corner of a gym or a room - or it may be attached to a power rack by a landmine attachment.

When using a landmine, you’re able to move in an arc motion to apply force freely either vertically, horizontally or some combination of the two - making rotational movements a breeze.


What are the Benefits of Using a Landmine?

A landmine makes foundational exercises like squats, rows, and lunges more joint friendly due to the natural bar path that a landmine provides.

During many traditional barbell exercises, you may find your spine heavily loaded and posture or positioning compromised. When using a landmine, we’re able to remove that load on the spine, and most importantly, establish more natural movement patterns.


Landmine Exercises to Add to Your Strength Training Routine

You might wonder what kind of exercises you could do with a landmine. If you’re having a hard time picturing the possibilities, I’m here to share just a few favorite exercises below.

I’ll tell you there’s a huge variety of landmine exercises for chest, shoulders, back, abs, obliques, glutes, hamstrings, quads - you name it - not listed here! You’ll be amazed at the movements you can complete by just adding this single element to your routine.


1) Squats with Landmine

When performing traditional back squats with the barbell bar on your back, you’re loading your spine up with a lot of weight. Due to this fact, many people often find themselves unable to maintain good posture to complete their squats safely, correctly, and to the desired depth.

However, when doing squats with a landmine, you hold the barbell at chest level, and you’ll find your body naturally shifts back to accommodate the applied weight. For those who struggle with squat form, this style of squat can help set you up in the right position.


2) Shoulder Press Using Landmine

As a trainer, I see a lot of people who struggle with a traditional shoulder press that follows a straight overhead pathway. There are many reasons why someone may not be able to correctly press a bar straight overhead without compensation. Some of the top reasons include tight lats, restricted shoulder rotation or thoracic spine extension, or an underactive core.

By completing shoulder press with a landmine, it naturally invites you to press out versus up. Pressing out is a more natural movement for most people and will take away the many insufficiencies you may run into with a traditional overhead shoulder press.


3) Clean & Press with Landmine

Clean and press is a popular exercise that really maximizes metabolic demand because it opens the variety of muscles used by combining two exercises. This is also a great functional movement, meaning it includes natural movements we use in real life.

When clean and press is completed with a landmine, you have a lot more options, from changing up the angles to adding some rotation into your press. Try adding this move into your routine to challenge yourself!



How to Safely Use a Landmine

There are some important considerations you should make to safely make use of your landmine. For one, if you’re working with a landmine attachment, you’ll want to be sure your attachment is secure and stable, so you don’t experience any mishaps during your lift.

Another thing you’ll want to keep in mind is your positioning. Always stay close to the bar when lifting, don’t reach for the bar as this can really put a strain on your back. When lifting, keep your chest high and proud, with a nice posture.

Finally, allow the bar to find a contact point during your lift so that it’s constantly supported. That contact point will often be at your chest, but it depends on what exercise you’re completing. For example, when squatting, the bar should stay nestled comfortably on your chest. Or, when completing shoulder presses, the bar will find that comfortable contact point in between each rep.


Landmine Workouts to Try

Ready to get started with some landmine workouts? Below I’ve included some awesome workouts from Sunny Instructor James for beginner and intermediate levels. I recommend starting with the beginner workout below and advancing to the intermediate workout when you’re feeling stronger and ready for a challenge.

Where to Buy a Landmine Attachment?

At Sunny, we enjoy supporting our Sunny community in their strength training pursuits. It’s so fun to get stronger, building confidence in your abilities and confidence in yourself. That’s why we released an incredible line of power rack accessories that make all your strength training needs easily accessible. The best part? They’re compatible with Sunny power racks!

If you’re interested in adding landmine training to your regular routine, check out our landmine attachment for power racks. This is one of the best landmine attachments available, and you’ll never regret opening the options and possibilities of your strength training regimen at home!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your setup ready, check out the exercises and workouts above, and let's get stronger together, Sunny team!



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