Sunny’s Row-N-Ride Buying Guide: Find the Perfect Fit!

Read on to learn about some of our new Sunny Health and Fitness Row-N-Rides, and decide which option is the perfect fit for your health and fitness needs.

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Sunny’s Row-N-Ride Buying Guide: Find the Perfect Fit!

The Row-N-Ride®, one of our most popular pieces of equipment at Sunny, is an excellent workout choice for new and seasoned athletes, alike. A squat assist machine that also works your upper back and core, the Row-N-Ride gives you some major bang for your buck.

The Row-N-Ride has something for everyone. If your goal is to master your squat form, the Row-N-Ride helps guide you through this essential functional movement while encouraging activation of all the proper muscles required for a squat. With room for growth, it allows for progression as you become more proficient in your squat by providing multiple levels of resistance and squat depth.

If you are interested in some accessory work to go with your regular strength training routine, the Row-N-Ride is a great option. Using this machine, you can continue to move your body during a de-load week while also working on total body strength and cardio.

What’s more, the Row-N-Ride is an easily accessible and storable item, so it can fit seamlessly into your home gym set up. Read on to learn about some of our new Sunny Health and Fitness Row-N-Rides, and decide which option is the perfect fit for your health and fitness needs!


Which Row-N-Ride® is Best for Me?

There are countless reasons to add the Row-N-Ride to your weekly workout routine. But with so many options to choose from, how do you choose the best Row-N-Ride to meet your goals?

The good news is that you can’t really go wrong. In terms of function, each Row-N-Ride that Sunny offers provides the same type of workout – assisting with a squat, working the upper body and core, and depending on how you use it, improving your cardio. However, some of our new machines have a few bells and whistles that might make all the difference in your decision! Let’s take a look.


Smart Upright Row-N-Ride® Exerciser

Smart Upright Row-N-Ride® Exerciser

This model is your ultimate home fitness solution. Resistance is created through 4 different resistance levels, and its smart capabilities allows for an integrated SunnyFit® App experience. Additionally, the device holder located at the front of the machine ensures that you will be able to easily follow along with all our SunnyFit Row-N-Ride workouts on the app. If you are undecided between the first two options, this is a great go between!


Row-N-Ride® Pro-Smart Squat Assist Trainer

Row-N-Ride<sup>®</sup> Pro-Smart Squat Assist Trainer

With its Smart connect capabilities and attached device holder, this Row-N-Ride model allows for seamless integration with our SunnyFit® App. You can follow along with hundreds of Row-N-Ride workout videos, all led by our amazing professionally certified personal trainers.

Challenging yourself won’t be a problem with this Row-N-Ride, with 12 levels of hydraulic resistance you will have a variety of intensity levels available to you. This makes progression a breeze, as you can continually work on building strength as you increase fitness levels.


Full Body Adjustable Multi-Function Smart Row-N-Ride® Trainer

Full Body Adjustable Multi-function Smart Row-N-Ride<sup>®</sup> Trainer

This is truly a unique version of the Row-N-Ride! The handles on this machine split apart to create more upper-back and chest activation while you row. This is in addition to the typical Row-N-Ride squat assist function, so you can get a great upper-body and lower-body workout with just once machine. Additionally, the split handle feature allows you to focus on unilateral (one-sided) movements more effectively for leveled-up strength gains.

This option provides 4 levels of resistance band tension, to create a customizable workout intensity. There is less adjustability, when compared to the Row-N-Ride Pro-Smart Squat Assist Trainer, but the simplicity of resistance levels makes working out a breeze.


Final Thoughts

Create an efficient, full-body workout experience on the Row-N-Ride® and in the SunnyFit® App. Not only are the Row-N-Ride models mentioned in this article top-notch options for your at-home fitness routine, but we also have countless other Row-N-Ride products offered on the Sunny Health and Fitness website so be sure to check that out! You can’t make a bad decision when it comes to this product – whatever option you settle on will be sure to improve your health, fitness, and overall well-being.


Sunny’s Row-N-Ride Buying Guide Infographic
Sunny’s Row-N-Ride Buying Guide Infographic


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