How to Set Up Your Sunny Cycle Bike for the Best Fitness App Experience At Home

So, you’ve just received your brand new, shiny Sunny cycle bike, and you’re ready to workout in style!.

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So, you’ve just received your brand new, shiny Sunny cycle bike, and you’re ready to work out in style! We know you’ve had your eye on some online classes, or fitness apps that can take your workout to the next level. Before you hit the ground running, check out the below tips to ensure the best workout experience from the comfort of your living room!


Setting up Your Sunny Bike for the Best Fitness App Experience

1. Select Your Fitness App or YouTube Channel of Choice

When it comes to online workouts, there are many options to choose from. As long as you find something that keeps you motivated and excited to work out regularly, you can’t go wrong! If you’re not sure where to start, check out the Sunny Health & Fitness YouTube Channel. We have a huge library of free workouts and continue to add new workouts each week!


2. Choose a Streaming Device

If you want to follow along to a workout video, you’ll need a device to stream your workout. Many popular options include a smartphone, tablet, or smart TV setup.


a. Smartphone or Tablet

Using a smartphone or tablet is the most popular option for streaming workouts. If you’re streaming your workout from an app, the app will be downloaded onto either a smartphone or tablet and the workout will play directly from this device. If your Sunny cycle bike comes with a device holder you can safely secure your device for a seamless experience. If your bike doesn’t come with a device holder, this can easily be remedied by purchasing an attachable device holder. This attachable device mount can be used for both phones and tablets.


b. Smart TV or Regular TV with Smart TV Setup

Many people prefer watching workout videos on their TV. The bigger screen certainly makes for a more immersive, exciting experience, and improves your ability to see how a trainer is moving throughout the workout. There are many Smart TV’s out there that allows screen mirroring directly from your phone or tablet to your TV. If you don’t have one of these newer models, you can still mirror from your device to a regular TV by installing a Roku or Apple TV.


3. Add on Bluetooth Sensors

If you’re choosing to stream workouts through an app, often they’ll have options to connect to a Bluetooth heart rate monitor and/or cadence sensor. While many Sunny bikes have a monitor that can display both your cadence and heart rate, they don’t have the Bluetooth capability to connect with an app.

You don’t need either of these to get a good workout, but the cadence and heart rate are both metrics that your workout instructor may mention as a baseline throughout your workout. If it’s more motivating to you to see and track that information directly in whatever app you’re using, then investing in a monitor will be a great way to improve your workout experience.


a. Cadence Monitor

Cadence monitors can be purchased online for relatively cheap. Most cadence monitors are going to be small devices you can attach to the pedal crank on your Sunny bike. You’ll want to attach it to the inside, so you don’t bump into it when you’re pedaling. There are many options out there but click here for an option that comes highly recommended by Sunny customers.


b. Heart Rate Sensor

As far as heart rate sensors, your options are far and wide. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a great heart rate monitor. Whether your preference is a chest strap, armband, or watch, there’s something out there for everyone. Pick something that’s most comfortable for you and be sure to check that it’s compatible with your app of choice before purchasing!


4. Upgrade Your Pedals

The pedals on your Sunny bike can easily be switched out for different pedals to fit your preferences. It’s important to note that when selecting different pedals for your bike, the thread size must match the thread size of the pedals that originally came with your bike for a proper fit. If you’re unsure of the thread size of your pedals, please be sure to reach out to our customer service team at to confirm before you make your purchase.

Most often, when we’re talking about switching out pedals, most people are interested in switching out their caged pedals for SPD-compatible pedals. SPD-compatible pedals make it possible to clip into your pedals with cleats. There are many pedals to choose from online and can be found for purchase on Amazon and many other sports retailers. Some options come with both the SPD side as well as the caged side. If anyone in your home rides a cycle bike without cleats, having the half and half option is nice so they can make good use of your bike too!


5. Invest in Light Dumbbells

Finally, some cycling classes will call for a pair of light dumbbells to break up cardio portions with some upper body strength training. While these may not be rides you’re interested in doing every day, they can be fun, and a nice way to break up your regular training routine. For these rides, light dumbbells of 2, 3, or 5 pounds would be more than enough in weight, as these rides are generally focused on muscular endurance, or longer periods of upper body movement. You should select a lighter weight that you can maintain for a good amount of time. For a small investment, these dumbbells will open up your workout selection to a wider variety!

I hope these tips help make your cycling experience with your Sunny cycle bike even better! Enjoy your new bike and be sure to share your workouts with us by tagging @sunnyhealthfitness on Instagram.


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