The Best Muscle Building Equipment You Can Buy

If you’re starting a muscle building exercise program, it’s important to consider the type of equipment you’ll use to build or maintain it.

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The Best Muscle Building Equipment You Can Buy

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If you’re starting a muscle building exercise program, it’s important to consider the type of equipment you’ll use to build or maintain it. But not all exercise equipment will help you stimulate your body’s physiological response to muscle growth.

Solely running on a treadmill won’t make you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. In fact, when it comes to muscle building, there needs to be enough tension from external forces to increase metabolic stress so that your body will respond by repairing muscle tissue and stimulating growth.

To help you choose the best equipment for muscle building, we’ve put together the best strength-based machines and accessories that, when used under the right training variables, can be beneficial for both beginner and experienced muscle builders.



The squat assist motion with handlebars give users a stable and safe workout experience. It incorporates two multi-joint exercises that can help you build muscle in your arms, back, and legs. You can build muscles in your legs when you perform the squatting motion—and simultaneously condition muscles in your arms, back, and shoulders when you grab on to the rowing handles. It has three levels of adjustable elastic band resistance to provide users with progressive overload to ensure the workouts remains challenging. The squat assist also has an adjustable depth function to help those who are new to the squat gradually increase their squat depth comfortably.



Dip deep into your fitness program with this heavy-duty steel framed dip station. It can help you perform different exercises utilizing your own bodyweight as the resistive force to help you build muscle. Bodyweight dips, inverted rows, and pushups can all be performed to help you build muscle throughout your upper body.



Eliminate the need for a large rack in your in-home workout area as you easily add or remove different weight amounts to use during a full-body, muscle-building workout. Target muscles in your arms, shoulders, chest, back, legs, and core as you perform an endless variety of exercises to provide versatility to each workout.



Kettlebells have been more commonly known for there ability to be swung around using the hips and arms to perform high calorie burning movements like the kettlebell swing. While these types of exercises are perfect for high intensity interval training and general fitness, kettlebells can be used in the same way dumbbells are used to perform more traditional pressing and pulling exercises. The ability to perform different type of movements make kettlebells a go-to piece of equipment for all users.



The Olympic barbell and plates paired with the power rack create the ultimate training environment for even the elite muscle builders. Barbell training is the gold standard for those looking to maximize their physical performance. You can use this machine to perform squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, chest presses, bent over rows, and the Olympic lifts —all multi-joint movements.


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