Top 10 Pre-Assembled Exercise Equipment

Find the best Sunny Health & Fitness pre-assembled exercise equipment ready to use out of the box.

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Top 10 Pre-Assembled Exercise Equipment

Have you ever bought an item, brought it home, opened the box, and were overcome with joy about the dozens of tiny pieces now required for assembly? If you are, kudos to you; you have a tremendous amount of patience and grit. However, opening this box with little to no assembly is a welcomed sight in my household, and I think many share this same sentiment.

Here is the best Sunny Health & Fitness pre-assembled exercise equipment that comes ready to use out of the box.


Mini Steppers

We love mini steppers here at Sunny & Health & Fitness. Just type in "mini stepper exercise" in your Google search if you don't believe me!

Small but mighty mini steppers are great, low-impact cardio. Additionally, they utilize all the muscles involved with walking and stepping up, mimicking climbing stairs or hiking.

Working as a personal trainer with the general population has shed light on how many people deal with knee pain. As a baby, we learn to crawl before standing up. Then learn to walk before running.

As adults starting a workout routine, I find people skip walking and go right to running. This sudden onset of increased activity upsets the knees if the muscles are not ready to support the joint.

Here is where mini steppers shine because it mimics the stepping motion. The stepping motion is very posterior chain dominant, which is a fancy way of saying it works the muscles in the back of your leg.

Strong glutes and hamstrings are essential for a pain-free, balanced body. Unfortunately, all the muscles that make up your glutes and hamstrings are typically underdeveloped and neglected, mainly due to a sedentary lifestyle.

Using the exercise equipment in any of our follow-along mini stepper videos will strengthen all the muscles responsible for stepping, which help keep your knees happy and healthy. So take your stepper out of the box, set the resistance knob, attach the bands, and you are ready to step your way to a healthier you.


Under Desk Elliptical/Bike

Expanding off my previous point about our sedentary lifestyle brings us to under desk bikes and ellipticals. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the average American worker sits for 42.7 percent of the workday(1). Between driving, eating, working, and relaxing, the total hours quickly add up to how much we sit each day.

When clients want to lose weight and get active, the first thing I look at is their daily movement. Even though 30-60 minutes of targeted exercise a day are essential, daily activity is arguably just as crucial for weight loss and overall health. 30-60 minutes of exercise sometimes are not enough to offset all the sedentary hours.

It is similar to eating a clean, healthy diet for 80% of the day and then indulging in junk food for 20%.

To offset all this sitting, our pre-assembled under-desk ellipticals and bikes are your ideal option for staying moving while sitting. Both are intended to be used while sitting, which is suitable at the computer desk.

It is a low-intensity exercise and significantly increases the percent of your day spent moving. As a reminder, you burn calories in three different ways.

  1. Metabolism (upkeep all bodily functions)
  2. Physical activity
  3. Thermic effect of food (chewing & digestion)

Increasing your physical activity will also increase your metabolism, positively impacting 2 out of 3 components. Open the box and start moving!



Slim Folding Treadmill Trekpad with Arm Exercisers

Sunny Health & Fitness folding treadmill with arm poles is the perfect treadmill for someone looking to take the next step in their fitness journey, because walking is a great first way to become more active.

This treadmill has a speed range from 0.5 to 4.0 mph, making it ideal for someone looking to increase their daily steps and get walking. It is ideal for all beginners new to exercise. You can exercise with this treadmill at slower speeds during work or faster when only focusing on the walking motion.

Use this already assembled treadmill in a variety of different ways. Because it doesn't have handles and a screen, the tread deck can be positioned next to a desk. The addition of the poles will incorporate your arms to increase the demands of the workout further.

This treadmill comes out of the box ready to use and is ideal for anyone looking to walk their way to a healthier self.


(1) “Occupational Requirements Survey.” U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2020, Accessed 9 July, 2021.



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