Top Sunny Exercise Equipment - Employee Favorites and Recommendations

These employee-approved gadgets can help you stay active and round out your home gym.

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Top Sunny Exercise Equipment - Employee Favorites and Recommendations

Sunny Health & Fitness is celebrating 20 years around the sun. And after 20 years of stepping, cycling, and getting stronger together, we’ve come a long way. Over the years, Sunny employees have gotten to test, use, and guide the future of the fitness products you use at home today.

We asked our employees their favorite equipment to get a sweat sesh in. Below is our employee favorites list and their highly recommended picks.

Favorite Strength Equipment

How can you choose between Sunny’s many power racks, attachments, and resistance bands?  But when put on the spot, employee Zheng L. went with our OB-TRAP Olympic Barbell Hex Bar. To the untrained eye, a hex bar might seem unassuming, but this bar is a one-stop shop for executing perfect deadlifts, rows, carries, and shrugs. Here’s why Zheng loves it. 

“My favorite is the OB-Trap, it’s functional, good looking at a very good price. I like the swivel handle; it gives more options for exercises. On top of all those, another important reason is that the packaging is made of environmentally friendly material, it protects the product as well as the future of the planet.”

- Zheng L.


Favorite Elliptical

Sunny ellipticals are a customer favorite for a reason—who doesn’t love a good low-impact workout that also kicks your butt? Sunny employee, Hanna K., loves the SF-E3919 Premium Cardio Climber the most, and we get why. This elliptical is built with a set incline to make every step more taxing on your muscles and burn more calories.    

“This climber is so fun to use! I love that it’s low impact so that I don’t hesitate at the thought of exercising, but after each workout, I’m covered in sweat and feel like I got a great workout in for the day. There are great workouts by Sunny Trainers – some are quite challenging, while some of them feel like time just flew by.”

- Hanna K.


Favorite Treadmill

When determining your favorite treadmill there are a lot of factors to consider. You might prefer one that fits under your desk or a manual treadmill for sizzling HIIT workouts. For Sunny Trainer Sam Candler, form and function is everything, and the SF-T7917 Electric Treadmill ticks all her boxes. 

“My favorite Sunny hardware is the SF-T7917 Treadmill. It’s so simple to use, with all the features I need, and none that I don’t. Plus, it has excellent shock absorption, which helps to keep my joints healthy for life.” 

- Sam C.


Favorite Mini Stepper

If you’re looking for a small product that packs a big punch, mini steppers are Sydney B.’s go-to pick. Her favorite? The SF-S0979 Advanced Twisting Stepper. These small machines can fit virtually anywhere, and the added resistance bands mean you can work your lower and upper body all in one go.

“The SF-S0979 Stepper is my favorite Sunny product. This little machine is surprisingly tough, and fun—it’s impossible not to smile when you’re using this thing. Plus, I love that this item fits comfortably in my apartment and I can store it away when I’m not working out.”

- Sydney B.


Favorite Cycle Bike

There’s no bad pick from Sunny’s dreamy lineup of cycle bikes. Regardless of which to choose, you’ll have everything you need to rock it at home. Ashley M.’s bike of choice? The SF-B1805 Magnetic Cycle Bike. This bike makes the perfect companion for at-home cycling workouts. Better yet, upgrade to the SF-B1805SMART Cycle Bike to connect to the SunnyFit® app for on-demand workouts and progress tracking.

“The SF-B1805 and Row-N-Ride® Plus are my favorite Sunny products! I’ve owned these items for about two months now and use them daily in my workout routine. Within 3 weeks I saw noticeable results! I’ve lost six pounds so far and I’m not giving up! I highly recommend these two products and the new app! 10/10!”

- Ashley M.


Favorite Overall

The Row-N-Ride® is beloved by customers and employees alike. This machine is designed for squats and rows—two compound moves to help you boost workout efficiency by targeting more muscles and burning more calories. Sunny trainer Eloisa S. crowned the Row-N-Ride as her top pick. She warns while it may look easy, don’t knock it until you try it.

“My favorite Sunny product is the Row-N-Ride! As someone who loves to run 5 miles daily and does a full leg workout 3 times a week (deadlifts, squats, hip thrust, leg press, etc.), I thought I could easily do a 10-minute workout on the Row-N-Ride. I was shocked when I was sore the next day. I can honestly say it’s the most effective 10-minute workout I’ve ever had.”

- Eloisa S.

There’s also a new Row-N-Ride in town: the Row-N-Ride® Plus. As for which machine employees like more: it’s a toss-up between the original and the Plus. What to know? Collin G. explains why the Row-N-Ride Plus is his new favorite.

“After doing a complete workout on the Row-N-Ride, I quickly felt the benefits of this product, and I instantly fell in love with it. On the new Row-N-Ride Plus, the handlebar and seat extend further than both the Row-N-Ride. This allows you to have a further range of motion with each movement. There are also four resistance bands at 22 pounds each, instead of only three resistance bands like the original Row-N-Ride. I also love the versatility that the Row-N-Ride Plus offers with the ability to work out on and off the machine.”

- Collin G.


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