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While many other treadmills can give you a great workout, this one gets my vote as top treadmill for its ability to go to 11.

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Top Treadmill

SF-T7955 Evo-Fit Incline Treadmill

While many other treadmills can give you a great workout, this one gets my vote as top treadmill for its ability to go to 11.5 mph with 18% maximum incline. The strong consistent motor will push most exercisers to their cardio limit, or help them reach high mileage goals. The wide tread deck also provides an ample training surface to help you feel comfortable while you walk, jog, or run. Extra shock absorption provides a less jarring experience when compared to the hard pounding of outdoor street workouts. I will always recommend a treadmill with a heart rate monitoring function over those without. Real time heart rate tracking is essential for monitoring your workout performance and effectiveness. Dual device holders, USB charging capabilities, and cooling fan round out my favorite features on this performance treadmill.


Top Exercise Bike

SF-B2729 Tornado LX Fan Bike

When I’m not feeling up for a long bout of cardio, which is most times, I like to choose a variety of high intensity interval training workouts. Few pieces of equipment make these workouts more convenient than the Tornado LX Fan Bike. Within seconds you can go from 0 to MAX effort while seated comfortably on the extra cushioned seat. The large 27.5 inch fan and ability to use arms and legs with the full motion arm exercisers create a full body training experience few products can replicate. The large clear LCD monitor makes selecting and following interval workouts simple so you can focus on putting make effort into your workouts.


Top Rower

RW5910 Phantom Hydro Water Rowing Machine

In my opinion you can’t beat a water rower when it comes to workout effectiveness and experience. Feeling the pull of water against the hydro blades brings me back to a realistic on water training experience. With each stroke you get consistent water resistance as the 16 blades cut through the angled water tank. I can enjoy a longer workout while focusing on my stroke rate using the advanced digital monitor, or I can test my performance with a 500 meter training session. The stable frame and comfortable seat help me row confidently during every workout. The on board water bottle holder, device holder, and folding slide rail provide all the best features to make you in-home rowing experience convenient and efficient.


Top Elliptical

SF-E3865 Stride Zone Elliptical

When I hop onto an elliptical, I can feel very quickly if the workout is going to be a smooth and stable experience. This elliptical gives me a smooth and stable workout every time. The large full motion handle bars have a curved ergonomic form that allow for easy grip adjustments while training. The large foot pedals help power the oversized 44 pound flywheel that provides extra stability to the machine while creating a smooth stride every time. Pulse sensors are easily accessible on the secondary grip position located just below the performance monitor that shows all your workout variables. The built in device holder and mounted bottle holder make viewing your favorite media and hydration easily accessible.



NO. 012-S Mini Stepper Step Machine w/ Resistance Bands

There is nothing mini about the workouts you can achieve on this stepper. The significant resistance created by the dual hydraulics provide an effective lower body engaging workout. With the addition of the adjustable resistance bands, I can target muscle in by back, arms, and shoulders to increase my calorie burning potential while developing muscular strength and endurance. The resistance bands are also removable. Weighing only 14.5 pounds, most people can move this stepping machine easily from room to room.



NO. 067-30 Black Kettlebells

Kettlebells are some of the best pieces of equipment for total body conditioning. Recently featured at the Legion of Beast CrossFit games, these high-grade cast iron kettlebells maintained form without even a crack. They are constructed with high quality solid cast iron with no welds, weak spots, or seams. The diameter of the handle is crafted for your hand and body to have more control and stability while performing snatches, squats, and strength training exercises. You will feel secure as you grip the smooth kettlebell for easy lifting. They are available in 30 LBs, 40LBs, 50LBs, 60LBs, 70LBs, 80LBs and 90LBs. The coating protects from corrosion or cracking and is durable enough to withstand repetitive motions.



NO. 055 Anti-burst Gym Ball

These are one of the most versatile pieces of home gym equipment you can have in your home, office, or gym. Not only are they great for core conditioning workouts, you can use them in place of you uncomfortable office chair as a way to provide relief from traditional seated positions. You can also use them as a replacement if you don’t have a workout bench. Many stretches and bodyweight movements can be performed without additional equipment. Total body training and versatility make the anti-burst gym ball a must have for every home gym.


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