Who Said Exercise Has to Be Boring? Try a Trampoline Workout for Some Added Fun!

Read on to find out how you can bounce your way to better health and leave your workout feeling like a kid again.

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Who Said Exercise Has to Be Boring? Try a Trampoline Workout for Some Added Fun!

Have your workouts felt a little lackluster recently? It may be time to shake things up with something unconventional: an exercise trampoline! Also referred to as a rebounder, this lesser-known home gym item can pack a punch and take your workout up a notch (or maybe a few notches). Plus, it’s fun! Read on to find out how you can bounce your way to better health and leave your workout feeling like a kid again.


Boost Your Balance

Because the surface of an exercise trampoline is soft and flexible, it requires your body’s balancing mechanisms to kick in to stabilize yourself. (1) That is, your body receives feedback that you are on an unstable surface, so the muscles of your lower leg contract to keep you stable and upright. The more you practice this response, the easier it will be to engage this system when your stumble or trip.


Improve Your Coordination

One study found that using a mini-trampoline for 8 weeks improved the subjects’ joint range of motion, proprioception, and quality of life. (2) Range of motion, the ability to move a joint through its full range, and proprioception, your ability to sense where your body is in space, both contribute to your overall coordination. This enhances your reaction time, your agility, and your ability to perform better (whether that’s in your workout or in day-to-day tasks).


Cushion Your Joints

We all know that workouts like HIIT and running are great ways to burn calories and elevate your heart rate. However, if you have sensitive knees, ankles, or hips, this type of exercise can feel rather daunting due to its high-impact nature. Alleviate that worry with a trampoline! You can perform all kinds of jumping exercises from the softer surface of the trampoline without worrying about a painful landing or causing injury.


Increase Your Lymphatic Flow

Your lymphatic system, which is your body’s cleansing network of sorts, is a constant flow of waste removal, protects you from viral and bacterial infections, and maintains fluid levels. (3) Unlike your vascular system, there is no pump to move all this fluid along. Your body relies on muscle contraction and gravity to move lymph through your body, so if something in the system is blocked or slow-moving, it can wreak havoc on your body. Exercise, and jumping on a trampoline specifically, can help counteract this! The constant acceleration and deceleration that is produced by bouncing increases lymph flow up to 15 to 20 times when compared to regular exercise. (4)


Bring Out Your Inner Child

Tap into your playful side and throw it back to when you were a kid jumping on the trampoline in your backyard! Let your stress melt away as you bounce, for a mental health boost. Not only are you guaranteed to have fun, but you’ll be getting a workout in too.


Sunny Indoor and Outdoor Trampolines

Not sure where to find an exercise trampoline? Well, you’re in luck! Sunny has recently launched two different sized, square trampolines, so you can fit your trampoline into spaces of all sizes. The super sturdy Indoor & Outdoor Trampoline is great for athletes and entry-level trampoline enthusiasts alike. This bungee trampoline has a quiet, low-impact bounce, and will help you get fit in the comfort of your own home. With its quality build, ease of assembly, and its unique square, space-saving design, the Exercise Trampoline provides more bounce with each jump. The adjustable bungee cords can be tightened to your preferred tension level and come with side coverings for user safety during those big jumps! Whether you're looking for a space-saving, fun addition to your home or just want to get healthy, this trampoline is the perfect add-on to your home gym.


Give It a Go!

Mini fitness trampolines offer a fun, convenient, and effective way to improve your physical fitness and overall health. From improving cardiovascular health to strengthening muscles, these trampolines provide a low-impact workout that can be tailored to your specific needs and fitness level. Not only are they easy to use, but they can also be done in the comfort of your own home, making them a great option for anyone who may not have access to a gym or prefers to work out in privacy. So, if you're looking for a fun and effective way to improve your health and fitness, consider incorporating a mini fitness trampoline into your routine today!


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Trampoline Workout Infographic

Trampoline Workout Infographic


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