It’s no secret that implementing exercise in your routine can lead to several personal benefits. And while it can be difficult to perform exercises with knee pain, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up cardio.

Knee pain can occur to anyone. The Mayo Clinic reports that knee pain can be caused by injury, arthritis, or infections. Individuals with knee pain have general pain when standing, moving your knee, or visible swelling. Knee pain has also been a major inhibitor for anyone who wants to exercise.

Luckily, there are several exercises that won’t put much pressure on your knees. This week, we’ve rounded up 5 ways you can exercise while minimizing impact on your knees.

Note: We recommend that you consult your primary care physician before attempting any of these exercises. Cases of knee pain vary by individuals, so you should consult with your doctor to find the right plan for you.


If you want to skip cardio machines, go for a swim. When swimming, most of your weight is supported by the water. In short, that means your knees won’t be affected as much as you wade through water.


Machine-assisted exercises can help reduce impact on knees. Machines like the Upright Row-N-Ride Bike can help you target muscles in your legs without putting strain on your knees—along with upper-body benefits.


Compared to walking or running, bikes don’t put as much pressure on your knees. In fact, it can help strengthen the muscles around your knees. When you ride a bike, force is evenly distributed throughout your leg when you push down. Exercises can include both indoor and outdoor cycling. Interest in what you can cycle? Here is one that you can perform on a cycle bike.


Striking the ground can be hard on your kneed when your walking—and especially running. When exercising on an elliptical machine, your body moves in a controlled motion. As your lower body makes an ellipse, your feet stay grounded on the foot plates. This motion puts less pressure on your knees while you reap the benefits of a running-like motions.


One of the best ways to reduce ground impact on knees is to keep your exercise constrained to a controlled space. This machine will allow you to pace your step and push against hydraulic cylinders instead of pushing your weight on the ground when you walk.

Exercise is important to your health and has shown benefits that decrease the negative affects of mental health, and it can also prevent diseases such as diabetes. After consulting with your primary care physician, find a cardio plan that works for you. But don’t push yourself through any pain in the process.