30 Day Summer Body Fitness Challenge - 4 Week Bootcamp

Summer is almost here, and what better way to kick off everyone’s favorite season of the year than with this 30-Day Summer Body Fitness Challenge? If you, like so many others, have been too busy to treat yourself to regular exercise this spring, now is the time to prioritize your fitness so that you can feel good.

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30 Day Summer Body Fitness Challenge - 4 Week Bootcamp

Summer is almost here, and what better way to kick off everyone’s favorite season of the year than with this 30-Day Summer Body Fitness Challenge? If you, like so many others, have been too busy to treat yourself to regular exercise this spring, now is the time to prioritize your fitness so that you can feel good, healthy, and confident this summer and beyond.

I’ve teamed up with your Sunny instructors, Sam Candler and Dominique Waninger to create the 30 Day Summer Body Fitness Challenge: a 4-week Bootcamp designed to get you moving, burn calories, and build serious bodyweight strength that will leave you feeling stronger and ready for more. Bonus: each workout is only 20 minutes, tops.

Sam and Dom have hand-selected these foundational bodyweight exercises you can do without any equipment, so you don’t need anything but yourself to participate. Regardless of your fitness level, there’s a place for you in this 30-day challenge. If you’re a beginner or getting back to your routine after a break, these workouts were designed with you in mind; but, even if you’re more advanced, these workouts will be a great refresher.

If you’re ready to get working towards a stronger you, everything you need including a challenge calendar, workout details, and tips to help you show up your best are below.


Summer Body Fitness Challenge Workouts

In this bodyweight series, you’ll enjoy 5 classes Sam and Dominique have put together to help you increase your fitness and strength with just your body weight at home. Each week of the challenge you’ll complete three full body workouts. To keep it easy, you’ll complete the same full body workout all three days of the week, before moving on to a brand new workout the next week.

Each workout was intentionally created to work your full body, meaning you’ll work more muscles, burn more calories, and move functionally (like you do in real life) - making the most of your time! The classes are designed for you to build on foundational skills and strengths you’ll need in the next week, so you’re always ready for what’s coming next in the program.

As you build strength, you’ll build your fitness as well, starting with lower impact and foundational movements, and growing to higher performance workouts like HIIT and Tabata in the last two weeks of the challenge.

For these workouts, all you’ll need is a yoga mat, your body weight, some motivation, and 20 minutes! Learn more about each of the classes in the challenge below.


Part 1: Bodyweight Foundations

Sunny team, welcome to our bodyweight series week, part 1! In this part 1 workout, Sam has designed a 20-minute Full Body Foundations Workout focused on building your balance and stability. After this workout, your body will be prepared for some of the more challenging workouts later in the series.


Part 2: Bodyweight Conditioning

Say hello to part 2 of our bodyweight series. If you’ve mastered part 1, it’s time to up the ante. In this 20-Minute Low Impact High Intensity workout with Sunny Trainer Dom, level up your strength and conditioning routine without the impact!


Part 3: Bodyweight Strength

You’ve built your foundation and added some intensity, now it’s time to focus on building your strength! Level up with part 3 of our bodyweight series. In this class, Sam Candler has a 20-Minute Full Body bodyweight workout that’s focused on building your strength with just your body weight.


Part 4: Bodyweight HIIT

Now that you’ve built a significant level of strength, you’re ready to add some intensity. This part 4, 20-Minute Full Body HIIT Workout with Sunny Trainer Dom is everything you need to spice things up. Not ready for this workout today? That’s what this bodyweight strength series is all about. If that’s you, head back to weeks 1-3 and continue building the strength and stamina to rock this workout when you’re ready!


Part 5: Bodyweight Tabata

You’ve established your foundation, strength, and conditioning, now you’re ready to bring the heat! And what better way to add some spice to your routine than part 5 of our bodyweight series: this 20-minute full body Tabata workout with Sam Candler. For this workout, like all the others in our bodyweight series, all you’ll need is your body weight and a little motivation!


30 Day Summer Body Fitness Challenge Calendar

Day 1  Part 1: Bodyweight Foundations
Day 2  Rest
Day 3  Part 1: Bodyweight Foundations
Day 4  Rest
Day 5  Part 1: Bodyweight Foundations
Day 6  Rest
Day 7  Part 2: Bodyweight Conditioning
Day 8  Rest
Day 9  Part 2: Bodyweight Conditioning
Day 10  Rest
Day 11  Part 2: Bodyweight Conditioning
Day 12  Rest
Day 13  Part 3: Bodyweight Strength
Day 14  Rest
Day 15  Part 3: Bodyweight Strength
Day 16  Rest
Day 17  Part 3: Bodyweight Strength
Day 18  Rest
Day 19  Part 4: Bodyweight HIIT
Day 20  Rest
Day 21  Part 4: Bodyweight HIIT
Day 22  Rest
Day 23  Part 4: Bodyweight HIIT
Day 24  Rest
Day 25  Part 5: Bodyweight Tabata
Day 26  Rest
Day 27  Part 5: Bodyweight Tabata
Day 28  Rest
Day 29  Part 5: Bodyweight Tabata
Day 30  Rest


Tips for Getting the Best Results from This Summer Body Challenge

1) Be Intentional

Since you get to complete each workout 3 total times, be intentional with each session. The first time you complete the workout, take your time and focus on learning proper exercise forms. Focusing on form first is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your current and future workouts are effective.

The second time you complete a workout, it’s time to focus on, how can you tweak your form to move better? Cue into your body: do you notice something feels a little easier, or you’re making connections with the way your body is moving? This mind to muscle connection will help everything click into place and make the most out of your workouts.

Finally, this intentionality should extend to how you approach your workouts. Only you know your fitness level. If you’re not ready to advance to the next workout, stay where you are. Feel free to slow down and repeat any one of these workouts as many times as you need before you move on to the next. Adjusting your routine is not a cop-out, it’s a smart way to build and maintain your fitness progress in a smart and healthy way.


2) Practice Recovery

Recovery is essential. Without proper recovery, your body won’t be able to rebuild and come back stronger. Pair this 30-Day Summer Body Fitness Challenge with an amazing recovery routine, and you have a recipe for success!

What does a good recovery routine look like? First, it includes fueling your body with the nutrients your muscles and organs need to thrive. That means eating whole foods like lean protein, healthy fats, fruits, and veggies as well as hydrating daily with plenty of water.

Proper recovery also includes taking care of your body. Give tight muscles relief by stretching and foam rolling. Finally, prioritize sleep. Your body needs to rest and recover not just from the work you’re putting into your workouts but from everyday life and stress.


3) Adjust Your Mindset

Finally, get your mindset right. So often, falling off your fitness routine has little to do with how you’re feeling physically, and everything to do with your mental posture. You won’t always be motivated by wanting a ‘summer body’, which is why I encourage you to find a higher reason for moving.

Your willpower is what urges you to do something you know is good for you even when you don’t feel like doing it. How to build your willpower? You must develop your reputation with yourself. Sometimes that means starting that workout that’s on the calendar even though you don’t feel like it. Every time you do the thing you have to do to get to where you want to be, you show yourself that you have the willpower to make it happen.


In Closing

You made it through the 30-Day Summer Body Fitness Challenge! What’s next? Rather than focusing on how you want to look or feel for just one season of the year, I encourage you to look at this year differently.


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