Online Workouts or In Person Training: Which Is Better?

After 3 years out from the world shutting down and not having the option to workout in-person, many of us set up our own home gyms and discovered the world of online workouts.

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Online Workouts or In Person Training: Which Is Better?

Here we are, 3 years out from the world shutting down. For the most part, everything is back to normal, but years of quarantining, masking, and just general fear shifted the way we work out. After not having the option to workout in-person, many of us set up our own home gyms and discovered the world of online workouts. You want a personal trainer? Well, now you have one right at your fingertips. We all made it work when we had no choice, but now that we do have a choice, do we shift back to the way things were or adapt to the new way of training? There’s no simple answer. I’m a firm believer that you have to do what works for you. However, there are so many pluses to online workouts in your home gym, so I’m going to discuss the top 5 reasons why you might consider sticking to those virtual workouts.


1. You Can Go At Your Own Pace

Many of us are guilty of attending workout classes that are either too difficult or even too easy. In fact, the entire method of training could be all wrong for you. I’ve personally been in this situation many times, but since I was already there, I just finished it. Peer pressure isn’t always a good thing. This is one of the reasons why people choose to hire a personal trainer instead. With an online workout, this is not an issue. The Sunny Health & Fitness App, for example, has a huge catalog of classes to choose from, which are all labeled by type and intensity. Need a beginner workout? Take your pick. Looking for an extremely advanced challenge? That’s covered too. Also, if you are a novice at upper body strength training but an absolute stud on the bike, you can combine a beginner strength workout with an advanced cycling workout. It’s entirely catered to you!


2. You Can Workout Anytime and Anywhere

There is no need to check the gym schedule or pre-book a class to make sure you get a spot at the time you need. Instead, you can roll out of bed, take an afternoon break from work, sneak away to your home gym while your kids are doing homework, or even start your workout just before bed. Your class can start at 11:14 am or 9:32 pm if that’s the best time for you. You can also pause and restart your workout, though I wouldn’t recommend this unless it is absolutely necessary. Also, if you are traveling, there are plenty of online workouts that don’t require any equipment at all. You can still get your sweat on while you’re on the go without worrying about packing equipment or finding a local gym. Often times when people get really used to attending classes, they fall off the wagon when they travel, since they don’t know what to do on their own or in a new environment.


3. Investing in Equipment for a Home Gym Is a ONE TIME Expense

Whereas gyms and fitness classes charge monthly or even per-class fees. Sunny Health & Fitness makes incredibly affordable, reliable, and effective home gym equipment, with options to fit any budget or specific needs. You can invest in a cardio machine, some strength-training equipment, and a nice mat that will last you for years to come. Want to upgrade? When your budget permits, you can add to your set-up anytime. They also make fun machines, like the Upright Row-N-Ride, if you want something that is unique, effective, low-impact, and easy to fold up and put away. It’s one of my personal favorites, and you can even follow along with videos led by me. So fun!


4. You Don’t Have to Spend Time Driving, Spend Money on Gas or Find Childcare

Online workouts do not require you to go anywhere. You can still watch your kids and get a good workout in. Better yet, you can include your kids in your workouts to teach them healthy habits at a young age. Also, with the rising prices of gas, who wants to spend extra money on that right now? Wouldn’t it be great if you could get an amazing workout in without worrying about that? That’s the beauty of going virtual. You don’t even have to take the extra time to drive to and from the gym, because it’s right in your own home. Whenever your motivation is high, seize the moment and take the time to get physically and mentally stronger with the help of a personal trainer-led workout that’s just a click away. It's that easy!


5. Wear Whatever You Want

No need to invest in expensive matching sets or high-end athletic wear that is more flattering, because you are the only one who will see it. Wear whatever is easy and comfortable to put on. You don’t have to feel self-conscious or that you have to keep up with fashion trends. It might not seem that important, but when you think about all the money and effort that goes into gym attire nowadays, it’s really a treat to not have to worry about that. Also, many people dress to impress rather than wear what is functional and best-suited for their particular figure to exercise without limitations. I see a lot of people in fitness classes tugging on and adjusting their clothes the majority of the class rather than focusing on getting the most out of their workout. Save your money for your non-workout clothes that will look amazing on you because your workouts have been so consistent and awesome from home. That’s when you can really show off.


Hopefully, you now have the confidence and reassurance that sticking with the online method of training in your home gym and an affordable personal trainer leading the way is a great choice. There is a lot of pressure to return to the way things used to be, but maybe some things are better left changed. The new normal in this case can actually be the better option for most. Fitness is now more accessible, and that’s a gift we should all be thankful for.


Online Workouts or In Person Training Infographic

Online Workouts or In Person Training Infographic


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