How to Use a Mini Stepper - Guide to Help You Get Started

Learn everything you need to know about how to use a mini stepper for your home gym.

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How to Use a Mini Stepper - Guide to Help You Get Started

If you’re looking for a fast-paced, calorie-burning, sweat-dripping workout look no further than a mini stepper! Don’t let their small size fool you; mini steppers are a great option for those looking for an incredible full body workout at home with a small footprint. In this article, learn everything you need to know about how to use a mini stepper to make the most of your at home workouts!


1. Choosing a Mini Stepper

Before starting your fitness journey, the biggest decision you’ll need to make is which mini stepper is the best choice for you. We offer a variety of different steppers for a variety of user preferences. You may prefer a regular mini stepper that completes an up and down motion; or a twist stepper that incorporates a swivel feature to engage your inner and outer thighs and obliques while you step.

We also offer mini steppers with a handlebar, which are a great option for beginners who need the extra support. If you think you may grow out of the handlebar, I recommend still getting it if you think you need it now. You can always let go of the handlebars later.

Finally, there’s the option of choosing a model with optional resistance bands. I always recommend choosing an option with resistance bands if possible, as this is a great way to make your mini stepper workout a full body workout - and strengthen the muscles of your upper body all while stepping on your machine. And if you don’t want to use the resistance bands, you can always detach and store them away until you are ready to use them.

Need more help narrowing down your options? For a more in depth breakdown, be sure to check out our article: What’s the Difference Between Twist Steppers and Regular Mini Steppers?



2. Mini Stepper Set Up

Find a Stable Surface

Setting up your mini stepper is simple. All you need for a great workout is a small area of space big enough for your compact mini stepper. Wherever you decide to step, just be sure your mini stepper is placed on a flat surface. With your mini stepper stable and secure, you’ll feel safe and confident to put your best foot forward during your workouts.


How to Adjust Your Mini Stepper Step Height

Some mini steppers offer adjustable step height. To see if your mini stepper is adjustable, check the front of your machine for an adjustment knob. If your mini stepper has an adjustment knob, you can make your step height higher by turning the knob to the right or lower by turning to the left.


Mounting Your Mini Stepper

  1. To safely mount your mini stepper, be sure the step is at its lowest position before putting your full weight onto it.
  2. Step onto your stepper, putting all your weight into the bottom step.
  3. Gently place your other foot on top of the other step.
  4. To start stepping, push your weight into the top step while lightly releasing the pressure on the opposite step.
  5. Continue alternating steps to continue your stepping workout


3. Mini Stepper Form

Getting the right form on your exercise stepper is incredibly important as it will ensure your workout is as effective as intended - while also reducing your risk of injury. Below are a few major form pointers to look out for and think about during your workout.


Good Posture

The starting point for all mini stepper movements is good posture. Performing exercises with proper posture will ensure that you’re protecting your back and reducing your risk for injury. To practice good posture - lengthen your spine, keep your chest up and shoulders down, back and away from your ears.

Whether an instructor mentions posture or not, when trying a new exercise for the first time, always remind yourself that good posture is essential to performing any exercise properly.


Engaged Core

Engaging your core as you step will achieve two things. The first is it will allow you to maintain proper posture throughout each step, which, as mentioned above, is incredibly important. Second, an engaged core will act as an anchor, allowing both your upper and lower body to generate more power with each motion.


Athletic Stance

As you step, you want to maintain somewhat of an athletic stance. If you’ve taken a mini stepper class with me before, you’ve probably heard me use this term before. The athletic stance I’m referring to means when stepping, you’re sitting back slightly with your hips. When you shift your hips back, you’ll put more of the work into your glutes and hamstrings rather than your quads.

The glutes are the largest muscle in the human body, and when you successfully achieve this position, you’re putting the largest muscle in your body to work during your workout. That means more strength to pour into your sessions.

Now, when you get into your athletic stance, it’s important not to forget what we’ve already talked about - good posture and an engaged core. When you shift your hips back, naturally, your upper body will shift forward slightly to balance your body. Maintain good posture and a tight core as you get into your athletic stance - with these three combined, you will be an unstoppable force!


4. Getting Started

Practice makes perfect! Hit the ground running with these mini stepper workouts designed for beginners. Follow along with me as you get the hang of stepping on your mini stepper with proper form and learn a few of the basic step styles you’ll see in many of your workouts ahead. The more you practice with your mini stepper, the more natural and efficient it will feel. Check out these workout videos below, which are perfect for beginners.


10-Minute Mini Stepper Beginner Workout

If you’re new to mini stepping, this beginner mini stepper workout is everything you need to start your fitness journey off on the right foot. Learn the basics of mini stepping from form to classic moves you’ll see in your mini stepper classes!


15 Minute Mini Stepper HIIT Workout

Ready to unlock the fat burning potential of HIIT training on your mini stepper? Give this quick HIIT workout a try. This workout alternates intervals of stepping and beginner exercises with rest. Work up a sweat with just 15 minutes of all-out effort for an incredibly fast-paced, fat burning stepper workout!


15 Minute Full Body Mini Stepper with Bands Workout

Want to start incorporating your resistance bands into your mini stepper workouts? Get started with this 15 minute full body workout. Achieve an incredible full body workout blending cardio, resistance band strength training, and bodyweight exercises!


Ready for more? Be sure to check out our Mini Stepper Workout Playlist for more amazing mini stepper workouts, and subscribe to the Sunny Health & Fitness YouTube Channel, so you don’t miss a thing!



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