Now Arriving: Our Smart Fitness Equipment Upgrade

Enjoy even more perks of exercise and level up your workout game through connected fitness.

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Now Arriving: Our Smart Fitness Equipment Upgrade

We have some big news here at Sunny. If you haven’t already heard, I am so excited to share that we have started a SMART CRAZE – upgrading all your home fitness favorites to be able to link to the SunnyFit® App! Enjoy even more perks of exercise and level up your workout game through connected fitness. Read on to find out how!


Benefits of Sunny’s Smart Fitness Equipment

Sunny’s SMART fitness equipment connects via Bluetooth to the SunnyFit® App, allowing you to take your fitness to a whole new level.


Tour the World

Explore exotic locations all over the world with your new Sunny SMART equipment! When connected to the app, the real-world maps will respond to your speed so you can achieve the feel of a real time race or stroll through the countryside.


Live Metrics

Track your progress with real time metrics like distance, time, calories, average beats per minute (BPM) and many more. The app will not only track but store your data making it easy to see your improvements workout to workout, helping you stay accountable to your fitness goals.


Find Motivation on the Leaderboard

Compete with friends, family, and the SunnyFit® community to bring your best effort to every workout! Some of us feed off competition, so this feature can be a great motivator. If you are like me and enjoy a good race, do not be scared to unleash that inner athlete and push to the finish line!


Like-minded Community

Connect and share your fitness journey with the Sunny Community. When you share your progress, you can inspire others while holding yourself accountable to your fitness goals.


Go Beyond Your Equipment

Cross-training is a term most athletes are familiar with, but we can all benefit from it! (1,2) Cross-training is the exercise protocol where an athlete utilizes several modes of training that are outside the athlete’s main sport. With the SunnyFit® App you can incorporate yoga, strength training, balance, agility work and much more, in addition to the workouts that are specific to your SMART Sunny equipment.


The Newest Smart Equipment from Sunny Health and Fitness

With the new SMART upgrade, Sunny has Bluetooth enabled equipment for whatever type of equipment you enjoy the most.


Total Body Smart Exercise Stepper Machine (SF-S0978SMART)

This Smart Stepper delivers a complete full body workout. Challenge your lower body by adjusting the hydraulic step height. Engage your upper body and core by using the resistance bands while you step. It is compact, quiet, and the perfect piece for any home gym! Our mini-steppers are a top seller for all the reasons above and because of the fact that the exercise is simple, yet extremely effective.


SMART Compact Full Motion Rowing Machine (SF-RW5639SMART)

If you want to feel like you are rowing on water, then this is the machine for you! Its full motion arms rotate a full 360 degrees activating your back, arms, and core with every stroke. Customize your workout intensity with 12 levels of smooth, adjustable, hydraulic resistance. While you push your intensity you can rest assured that the impact on your joints will remain gentle with this low impact rower.


Smart Slim Under Desk Walking Treadpad® (SF-T7945SMART)

Want to step up your fitness in your home or office? The sleek design of this treadpad ensures it will fit perfectly under your desk, enabling extra calorie burn while you work! My favorite feature is the included remote control. The remote adds an extra layer of convenience in getting a few extra steps in each day.


Premium Smart Treadmill (SF-T7515SMART)

If walking is not enough, then the new SMART Treadmill with auto incline is your next step! This treadmill features 12 preset workout programs with varied intensity levels making it easy to progress from beginner to advanced workouts. Though this does come with a remote like the treadpad®, it has four preset speed buttons for 2mph, 4mph, 6mph, and 8mph enabling you to go from a walk to a jog to a sprint with a simple push of a button! Add in 12 levels of incline and I am sold – how about you?


Performance Interactive Series Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical (SF-RBE420035)

If you are looking for a low-impact workout, or are brand new to fitness, I recommend going with a recumbent cross trainer. With 8 levels of smooth magnetic resistance, you can increase intensity at your own pace while building strength and improving joint health. The addition of the moveable arms allows you to choose whether you want a full body workout or just isolate the arms and legs. Three machines in one – that is a triple win!


Wooden Water Rowing Machine (SF-RW522074)

Feeling like you are rowing on water is one thing, but hearing the sound of water while you row is NEXT LEVEL! Like the hydraulic rower listed above, this machine is gentle on the joints while working out your entire body. The foldable wooden frames make it a beautiful and compact addition to any home gym. You may think this machine offers just a rowing workout, but with the talented imaginations of our professional Sunny Trainers you will learn many unique exercises to tone your legs, arms, and core – all in one machine.


Many More Are on the Way!

Below is a list of some of our upcoming SMART upgrades. Who is excited? ME!


Energy Flex Smart Treadmill


Smart Folding Treadmill


Smart Upright Row-N-Ride®


Smart Stair Stepper Machine


Smart Air Walk Trainer



Sunny Health and Fitness is determined to help you get the most out of every workout, which is why we have and will continue to update our fitness equipment to connect to the SunnyFit® App. No matter what your favorite piece of equipment is, there is a SMART Sunny version waiting for you!


1. Ciolac E. G. (2013). Exercise training as a preventive tool for age-related disorders: a brief review. Clinics (Sao Paulo, Brazil), 68(5), 710–717. Accessed 16 October 2023.
2. Machin DR, Tanaka H (2012) Cross-Training Exercises: Crossroads to Successful Prevention of Chronic Diseases. Journal of Gerontology & Geriatric Research, 1(2), doi:10.4172/2167-7182.1000e103. Accessed 16 October 2023.


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