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Making sure you have the right set up on your NO.

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Making sure you have the right set up on your NO. 077 Upright Row-N-Ride Rowing Machine is so important for ensuring you are completing exercises with the proper form and maximizing the results you see from your workout program. Many of our Row-N-Ride® users want to know the correct seat settings for them. If you’re interested in learning how to adjust your Row-N-Ride for the best fit, keep reading!


Adjusting the NO. 077 Row-N-Ride® Machine

In the above video, you’ll learn how to adjust your seat, handlebars, and the angle of your Row-N-Ride machine.

The next step is making sure your machine is adjusted to best fit you. Because everyone’s body is different, even individuals at the same height may have differing needs when it comes to seat and handlebar adjustments. That’s why I’ve separated it into three key points to look for when fitting your Row-N-Ride for your workout to ensure you have the most personalized fit.


Seat Fit

The most important thing when it comes to your seat fit is that you feel comfortably supported throughout your squat. This means that the seat should be just below you as if you’re sitting back into a chair when you’re at full depth of your squat. It may take a few test runs to be sure you have the right set up and your seat is not too far forward or back.

An important note is making sure your seat is adjusted far enough back so that your knees are tracking in line with your toes. When your knees come in front of your toes it can create unwanted pressure on your knees. You can correct this issue by sitting back with your hips as you squat and making sure your seat isn’t too close. This is where a mirror comes in handy, if you have a mirror, be sure to check your form to make sure you’re using proper exercise form for the Row-N-Ride.


Handlebar Fit

Your handlebar height will be most comfortable when adjusted somewhere between your rib cage and belly button. If you’re performing rows on this machine throughout your workout, if the handlebar is too low, you won't be able to achieve a range of motion when you go to pull back on the handlebar. At the same time, it’s important to make sure the handlebars are not so high that they hold you back from achieving a full range of motion when down in your squat. Remember, you can choose between the top and lower handlebar to further personalize your fit and workout when using this machine.


Squat Angle

You can also adjust the angle of depth the machine will squat to, from 90-degrees, 60-degrees, and 30-degrees. 30-degrees will give you the deepest range of motion, so if you’re interested in squatting low, this will be the right setting for you. The video above will go into the specifics of adjusting the machine. To achieve a 90-degree squat, select the first hole; to achieve a 60-degree squat, select the second hole; and to achieve a 30-degree squat, select the third hole.


Adjusting the Resistance on the NO. 077 Row-N-Ride® Machine

Finally, you can adjust the resistance on the Row-N-Ride to achieve a workout that’s personalized to your fitness level and your goals for the workout. A resistance level of 1 is great for beginners or workouts where you’d like to complete a higher range of reps. The second and third resistance bands are great for increasing strength and challenging your fitness and are more suited to intermediate or advanced users.

It may take some trial and error to find the best fit for you when using the Row-N-Ride. Be sure to check out our other articles on Proper Exercise Form for the Row-N-Ride, How to Target the Glutes with the Row-n-Ride, and How to Use the NO. 077 Row-N-Ride to Target Core & Upper Body for best results using this machine.


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