The Ultimate Home Gym Under $1000

A $1,000 can be a lot of money.

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The Ultimate Home Gym Under $1000

A $1,000 can be a lot of money. You could use it to splurge on traveling, gadgets, or new clothes. Or you could use it to furnish your next home gym to reach your fitness goals.

This week we’ve listed three complete home gyms that will provide everything you need to achieve your health and fitness goals—all for under $1,000.


Ultimate Strength Set

The power rack, plate sets, olympic barbell and shark collars will give you all you need to become stronger, more powerful, and more muscular all in one relatively compact space. The power rack features an integrated pull-up bar and landmine attachment, which you can use to perform unique functional training exercises to your workout routines. With a bar that can handle 1500 pounds, you’ll have plenty of room to match your progress.


Cardio Fanatic

It’s great to mix up your training so you don’t get burned out on one piece of equipment or to help prevent overuse injuries. With this package you can own all three of our top-selling cardio machines (SF-B901, SF-T4400, SF-RW5515) along with some home gym accessories (No. 047, No. 31, No. 55) to help you gain strength, build lean muscle, strengthen your core, and increase your flexibility.


HIIT and Build

If you want to weight lift, but don’t want to skip out on cardio, consider the Tornado Fan Bike with both our vinyl dumbbell and barbell sets, and weighted bench. In total you will receive 140 pounds of plates to help increase your muscular mass and strength. With the heavy-duty air bike, you can perform short high intensity interval training or longer bouts of lower intensity cardio.


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