Debbie Diaz, Fitness Trainer

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Debbie Diaz, Fitness Trainer



Debbie Diaz’s fitness journey started in high school where she would teach step aerobics when her PE coach’s back was hurting. From there, Diaz joined a gym at 18 years old where she was always curious about what exercise worked what and how to do things properly.

She fell in love with how exercise made her feel and would always take friends, co-workers, and others to the gym with her. One day she decided to take that hobby into a career and has now been a personal trainer for 20 years now.

Diaz has a BS in Kinesiology from Cal State Fullerton and several certifications from NASM. She loves helping people be the healthiest versions of themselves. 


20-MIN Intermediate Elliptical

15-MIN Bodyweight Cardio

15-MIN Beginner Kettlebell Strength