Kyle Dondlinger, Fitness Trainer

Kyle’s motto is “Quality over quantity” which is his personal recipe for success.

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Kyle Dondlinger, Fitness Trainer



Kyle is a Certified Personal Trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine. He has 16 years of experience in the fitness industry and has worked as a professional trainer for over 6 years. Kyle has worked with a variety of populations and in various fitness settings, which has contributed to his knowledge health and wellness. He specializes in strength training, muscle endurance, mobility and flexibility, HIIT training, and more. Kyle prides himself on his love and passion for fitness and loves to educate his clients on how they can live their healthiest lives.

Kyle found his love for fitness at the young age of 16. Although he was always a very active child, Kyle’s real fitness journey began when he signed up for the powerlifting team in high school. Growing up he was made fun of for being short and skinny and also didn’t have a father in his life. Needless to say, Kyle had some frustrations and was a very confused child. That is until he started powerlifting and studying how strength training, learning how to optimally build strength to be successful in his sport. On his first day of powerlifting practice, Kyle could barely deadlift the bar, but that didn’t stop his drive, perseverance, and tenacity. In just his first year, Kyle not only qualified for state, but he also broke the state deadlift record! At the young age of 16 and weighing in at a light 152, Kyle managed to deadlift a whopping 375 pounds, setting the new state record! Kyle knew in that moment, that despite what others may tell you, and despite the odds you have stacked against you, you CAN succeed in whatever it is you want to. You just have to show up, have a positive attitude, and give it your all, time and time again.

Kyle then went on to study and complete courses in strength training and advanced strength and conditioning, in which he got into the science of exercise, and how to build workout programs. Kyle completed the class by building a 90-day program focused on building muscle and size while still having that infamous washboard stomach. Kyle excelled on this assignment and experienced results using his own training program. His classmates would come up to him and ask him if he was on steroids, he would smile, tell them no, and then show them the program he created. His program circulated around the school and his classmates were ecstatic with their results as well. Kyles’ work was still far from finished.

Kyle became a Powerlifting Coach in his first year after high school. Leading his team to victory in just his first year, Kyle still felt like something was missing. That’s when a miracle happened – Kyle’s father found him on Facebook. Kyle immediately dropped everything and moved to Utah to reconnect with his father, with the blessing of his coach. It wasn’t meeting his father that changed his life, setting the deadlift record in high school, winning his first MMA fight, or studying with the Marine Corps and beating his entire platoon with 20 pull-ups. No, it was the idea that “Anything is possible”. Since meeting his father, Kyle went on to get his CPT Certification with NASM, as well as enjoying a successful career in both Fashion Modeling and Fitness Modeling.

Kyle believes he is put on this earth to inspire people, and to show people that no matter what happens, or what you have been through, you can still succeed! Kyle knows and believes that fitness and health is essential to live a long, happy, and healthy life. Kyle’s motto is “Quality over quantity” which is his personal recipe for success. Do something right, take your time, enjoy the process, have fun with it, and you WILL get results. Kyles’ mission with Sunny is to educate, encourage, and motivate his clients into their ideal “Trophy Body”, and a winning mindset. He believes fitness should be fun, so you’ll see him laughing alongside with you, and sometimes even at himself!

So, jump into a class, and let’s get this party started! The only thing you have to lose is the inches around your waist 😉


20-MIN Intermediate Elliptical

20-MIN Lower Dumbbell Strength

15-MIN Cardio Boxing