Tina Kim Westerholm, Fitness Trainer

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Tina Kim Westerholm, Fitness Trainer



Tina Kim Westerholm is a Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor as well as a Nutrition Coach. She is trained with skills in neuro-linguistic programming which is used to help anyone achieve their definition of happiness. Her expertise and an understanding of others stems from her own personal life experiences. Her passion is to give this gift of health & happiness to all those who are wanting more from their life and desire change.

With 10 years of personal experience with her own weight loss and fitness journey, Tina understands her client's struggles with exercise, food, and mindset. She works with her clients utilizing new strategies that encompass lasting health. She helps individuals achieve improved health & happiness not only through nutrition and fitness but mainly through emotional and mindset strategies.
Through group workshops or customized one on one coaching, she brings a different perspective in the health journey of each individual. Tina helps individuals discover their happiness inside and out so that they can BE healthier and LIVE healthier.


10-MIN Full Body System

15-MIN Upper Body Dumbbell Strength

20-MIN Treadmill Fun Run