15 Min Advanced Mini Stepper Circuit Workout

15 Min Advanced Mini Stepper Circuit Workout



This workout is great for those looking for a challenging workout that targets the whole body using a mini twisting stepper with bands. We advise that you attempt this workout with a bit more slack than you would normally use in your resistance bands. If the curls and punches are too difficult to perform for each 1 minute interval during the workout, pause the video and adjust the length of your bands. Once you feel comfortable with the exercises, you can work on adding more tension in the resistance bands for an intensified workout. Perform controlled repetitions to ensure that you are engaging your core and the stepper remains in place during each exercise.

Workout Details

Warm Up

  • 1 Minute Basic Step

Workout Intervals

  • 1 Minute Alternating Curls with Step (Quick Pace)
  • 1 Minute Forward Punches with Step (3 count punches)
  • 1 Minute Step Sprawl to Push up to Squat Hold

(Rest 1 minute)

Repeat 3 Rounds

Cool Down (omitted from the video)

  • 2 Minute Basic Step (Slow Pace)

End Workout

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