15 Min Fan Bike HIIT Workout

15 Min Fan Bike HIIT Workout



Anyone with a fan bike at home? Put it to use with this quick but killer fan bike HIIT workout! In just 15 minutes, you’ll complete 8 all-out 20 second sprints, with just 30 seconds of rest between each for recovery. This workout is designed to work your full body as you push with both your legs on the pedals and your arms against the full motion handlebars. This workout is great for beginner exercisers to start adding interval training into your regular routine. As you advance in your workouts, you can continue to use this workout to effectively reach your fitness goals by continuing to increase your pace and intensity as you get fitter!

Workout Details

3 min Warm-up

20 sec Sprint
30 sec Rest
Repeat 8 times!

3 min Cooldown


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