Varied Cycling Bike Interval Workout

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Choosing to ride in different cycling positions on your exercise bike can be challenging if you’re not comfortable with the different riding positions. As you become more regular with cycling workout programs, you might notice the increased variety of riding positions required to complete the workouts. In this workout you will complete four 1-minute interval sprints in different riding positions. The intervals should be performed with maximum effort. If you are new to cycling workouts, start with the warmup cycle before moving into the intervals. If you have never completed this type of workout before. We advise you only perform one round of the intervals followed by the cool down. Once after your riding endurance and strength improves, you may choose to add additional rounds of the intervals.

Workout Length

20 Minutes

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Workout Details

- 5 minute warm up ride
- 1 minute seated high cadence
- 1 minute off the saddle climb
- 1 minute on then off the saddle sprints
- 1 minute max effort sprint
- Rest 1 minute
- Repeat 2-3 rounds
- 5 minute cool down


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