E3803 Elliptical Workout

E3803 Elliptical Workout

Details: This 30-minute workout is perfect for those looking to increase their cardio performance while boosting fat burning metabolism. To perform the workout optimally, please review the bullet points below highlighting the important terms of the workout.

⦿ Recommended Resistance Level – This workout will primarily focus on your own personal heart rate. The recommended resistance can be used to help you find a resistance that will increase the intensity of your workout, so you can reach your Target Heart Rate.

⦿ Speed – The beginning and end of the workout should involve a slower movement of the arms and legs to aid in the warm up and recovery of the workout. The High Intensity Zone will involve 20 seconds of maximum arm and leg speed followed by a slow recovery arm and leg speed. The weight control zone requires a moderate speed you can sustain for a 20-minute period.



⦿ 20:10 – This is the amount of time you will be performing rounds 2 – 9. You will complete each of these rounds by first completing 20 seconds of maximum speed followed by 10 seconds of slow recovery speed.

⦿ Target Heart Rate – Each round will have a Target Heart Rate goal. Use the chart located in the digital display to monitor if your pulse is in the recommended Zone for your age.

⦿ Movement Types – There are 3 different movement types that will be performed during this workout.

⦾ Arms and Legs – This movement should be performed by generating force equally with your arms and your legs.

⦾ Legs Only – Your hand grip should change from the outside handle grips to the pulse sensor grip for this position. Hold on to the pulse sensor grips while only moving your legs at the suggested speed.

⦾ Arms Focus – Perform this movement by focusing on pushing and pulling on the outside handle bars with your arms. Your legs will still be involved, but you should try and generate as much movement as possible through your arms.

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