How to Train Your Abs

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Sunny NO. 012-S




This workout is great for those looking to train their abs using a mini stepper with bands for assistance and a bit of added resistance. It is important that you have some slack on the bands. This workout is perfect as an addition to your normal cardio stepping workouts. Perform this ab routine after your cardio step workout. Be mindful of the tension you are using on your bands. Too much tension on the bands could cause the stepper to come loose from behind your feet. DO NOT pull hard on the bands. Perform slow and controlled repetitions to ensure that you are engaging your core and the stepper remains in place during each exercise.

Workout Length

6 Minutes

Workout Level


Products Used

NO. 012



- 30 seconds Band Assisted Sit Ups
- 30 seconds Alternating Band Rotations
- 30 seconds side to side reaches

(Rest 30 seconds)

Repeat 3 rounds


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