Mile Repeat Cutdown Workout For Runners

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This Mile Repeat Cutdown Workout is great for beginners and seasoned runners alike. Whether you’re training for a 5K or 10K or just looking to get in better shape, this workout will help get you there! This classic workout is designed to help you increase your speed, build your capacity, and get used to running at race pace.

This workout will take you through 3 total miles of running. You will complete 1 mile at a time, with each mile getting successively faster than the last. Between each mile you have 3 minutes of total rest for complete recovery for your next mile; and, because this workout gets harder as it goes, you’re going to need it!

Your first mile should be completed at a moderate pace, it should feel comfortable and just slightly faster than your regular warmup pace. The second mile should be faster, it should feel hard and somewhere in between your moderate pace and race pace. The third mile should be at a tempo pace, or just slightly slower than your race pace. If you don’t know what your race pace is, you’re going to be running close to your max capacity.

This workout is not time based simply because we’re all at different fitness levels, and this workout can adapt with you as you get in better shape. If you’re a true beginner and unsure of the pace you should aim for with each mile, start on the easier side, if it’s too easy you can always bump up the pace, or adjust the next time you complete the workout. In fact, as you continue to get fit you should come back to this workout regularly, cutting down your times as you get in better shape. This workout can serve not only as a great tool to improve your fitness, but also as a great baseline to check in on your progress.


Warm up

Always warm up! Complete a minimum of 5 minutes of jogging, along with dynamic stretching to warm up your muscles before you begin this workout. This workout is designed to get harder as you go, so you’ll continue to warm up throughout the workout.



1 Mile – Moderate Pace
- 3 Minute Rest

1 Mile – Hard Pace
- 3 Minute Rest

1 Mile – Tempo Pace
- 3 Minute Rest


Cool down

Always cool down after your workout! Complete at least 5 minutes of jogging or walking, and take 5 minutes to stretch muscles throughout your body while they’re warm and pliable.


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