Plank Exercise Progression Workout

Plank Exercise Progression Workout



The plank exercise when done correctly is a great tool to help increase core strength and help with the reduction of back pain associated with weak core musculature. Unlike a sit up or a crunch, the spine should remain straight during the plank exercises in this workout. We have created this workout as an introduction to the plank exercise.

You will be completing three plank holds for a total of 30 seconds for each hold. After completing two sets of each of these exercises, you will have the opportunity to try a more challenging type of plank at the end of the workout. The plank exercises you will be the push up hold, modified plank, plank, and plank pushups.

If you feel that you cannot complete the full 30 seconds for each exercise, hold the plank for as long as you can, and then jump right into the next exercise when you’re ready. There is a 30 second rest period in between each set of plank exercises. The following paragraphs will explain each movement in more detail as and give out an outline of what the workout will look like.

Push Up Hold (High Plank) 

This plank exercise requires you to maintain the same starting position as a push up without the push up movement. The hands are placed palms down directly beneath the shoulders with elbows straight. Feet should be about hip width apart.

Modified Plank Hold(High Plank) 

After the push up hold, drop your knees so they meet the ground. Place your forearms on the ground with your elbows directly under your shoulders. Bring your hips down into a position in line with your knees and shoulders.

Plank Hold

With your arms in the same position as the modified plank, lift your knees off the ground until they are fully extended. You may need to take a small step back with your toes to find a more comfortable position. Your ankles, knees, hips, back, and shoulders should all be in line with each other.

Plank Push Ups

Start this exercise from the plank hold position. Begin by pressing your body up into a high plank position with both hands. Once in a high plank position, drop your arms back down into the plank hold position. You should alternate which arm is the lead arm when pressing yourself into the high plank position during each rep. During the movement, you should maintain a flat back while keeping movement in your hips minimal.

Workout Details

Push Up Plank Hold - 30 seconds
Modified Plank - 30 seconds
Plank Hold - 30 seconds
Rest - 30 seconds
Push Up Plank Hold - 30 seconds
Modified Plank - 30 seconds
Plank Hold - 30 seconds
Plank Push Ups - 30 seconds

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