Progressive Rowing Stroke Rate Workout

Progressive Rowing Stroke Rate Workout



Stroke rate is an important rowing workout variable that monitors the number of rowing strokes you complete every minute during a workout. The goal of this stroke rate workout is to focus on good rowing rhythm while maintaining consistent power as you transition between stroke rate segments. Since you are focusing more on timing and rhythm, this will give you a chance to monitor your rowing form and help you relax through the recovery phase of each stroke. For this workout you will be performing two rounds of four different rowing stoke rate segments for one minute each. If your rower doesn’t have a monitor that gives you a real time stroke rate measurement, you can follow Sunny trainer Matt as he demonstrates each rowing stroke rate. You should be able to check the total strokes of your workout on your monitor and divide that number by your workout length to get an average strokes per minute for your workout.

Workout Details

Warm Up – 3 Minutes


Arms Only Rowing – 1 minute

Legs and Core Rowing – 1 minute

Full Stroke – 1 minute


Stroke Rate Workout – 10 minutes


20 Power Strokes per minute – 1 minute

25 Power Strokes per minute – 1 minute

30 Power Strokes per minute – 1 minute

35 Power Strokes per minute – 1 minute


Recover – 1 minute

Complete 2 Rounds

Cool Down – 2 minutes


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