Ride Flexible Stretches: Performance Boosting Stretches

Ride Flexible Stretches: Performance Boosting Stretches



We’ve designed this Ride Flexible routine to provide indoor cyclists with five stretches that target potentially tight muscles after prolonged cycling sessions. Each stretch should be held for a minimum of 30 seconds with mild tension. You should not be in pain when stretching. If time permits, complete multiple sets of 30 second stretches for each stretch and limb. You can find brief instruction for each stretch below.

Calf stretch - If your cycle bike has a raised rear frame, place your forefoot on the bike frame and lower your heel to the ground until you feel a stretch from the back of your heel up through the lower leg. If your bike frame does not allow this position or you are using an outdoor bike, you can use a wall, curb, or stair to perform the same stretch.

Rear foot elevated quad stretch – You may use any comfortable surface to perform this stretch. Make sure you back foot is elevated to about hip height with your opposite foot forward. With an upright posture slowly lean back to intensify the stretch to a point of mild discomfort.

Split hamstring stretch – While seated, spread your legs as wide as possible. Reach toward your toes with the same hand and bend forward slightly until you feel a stretch in the back of your leg. Try to keep your legs stretched during the stretch.

Glute stretch – Cross one leg over your other leg while gently pulling your knee with both hands towards the opposite shoulder. Keep your head, hips, and back flat on the floor.

Back extension – Lay flat on your stomach and slowly raise your torso up while keeping your legs and hips in full contact with the ground. If you find it difficult to hold yourself up, lay back down and place your hands in a more forward position. Your arms should be fully extended during this stretch.

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