Strength Interval Rowing Workout

Strength Interval Rowing Workout


Increase your rowing strength and endurance with this 25-minute strength interval rowing workout. To perform this workout, start with a 5-minute warm-up at comfortable stroke rate. Specific stroke rates for the workout can be monitored using the SF-RW5727’s digital display and are listed on the workout card.

The intensity of the warm up should be mild: just enough to promote perspiration at the end of the 5-minute time period. Once the warm-up is complete, adjust your resistance to a challenging level. We recommend levels 8 through 12 for strength-pull resistance. You should row with maximum effort during the 1-minute strength pull. This does not mean that you are pulling at a high stroke rate. Avoid increasing your stroke rate too much. Rowing stronger, not faster is the key to this workout.

After each strength pull there will be a 3-minute recovery section. Do not decrease the resistance during the recovery portion. You may, however, significantly decrease your stroke rate. Repeat this strength pull interval four times before finishing the workout with a 4-minute recovery row.

25 minute strength interval rowing workout program chart

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