Build lower body endurance while burning maximum calories with this cycling and kettlebell lower body building workout. To begin this workout, start with a 5-minute warm up ride at a low intensity with a overhand or hook grip to get your body comfortable in the riding position and to allow you body temperature to rise. Immediately after the 5-minute ride, begin your first cycle climb in the extension grip position. You should increase the resistance of your ride until you feel a heavy resistance on your legs. Maintain a slower cadence while you climb. You should feel your leg burn during the cycle climb sections of the workout. After the first 5-minute cycle climb, you will begin the kettlebell exercises. Perform one set of each kettlebell exercise before you reach your first 2-minute rest period. Complete the next 5-minute cycle climb followed by the second set of kettlebell exercises with another 2-minute rest period. Finish your workout with a final 5-minute cycle climb and 5-minute cool down in the seated position with an overhand or hook grip.


Extended Grip

Overhand & Hook Grip

KettleBell Swing

Kettlebell Forward Lunge

Kettlebell Goblet Squat