5 Tips for Building Your Best Home Gym

So, you’ve been stuck at home for a few weeks.

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So, you’ve been stuck at home for a few weeks...as weeks are turning into months, you’re finally considering breaking down and investing in that home gym equipment you’ve been eyeing. Congratulations, a home gym is one of the best investments you can make for your health! Having a home gym can help keep you on track, with everything you need on hand to get your ideal workout any time of day!

As you narrow down your choices, I’d like to provide a few top tips for making your investment the best it could be!


1. Work with the Space You Have

While you may have the desire to pimp out your home with a full-blown set up - a weights rack, treadmill, and all the accessories and goods - consider your space. If you have extra space in mind, then by all means go for your dream gym. But if you’re living in a tight apartment, odds are having an oversized piece of equipment in already limited space is going to wear on your overall comfort.

If you’re limited on space, measure out what space you have, and consider space-saving options that will work for you. This way you can make the most of the space you have whether you’re working out or not. Steppers can offer a surprisingly tough cardio workout and take up only a little over a square foot of space. Regardless of what space you have, we have something that will work for you!


2. Start with the Basics

Get started with the basic equipment that every home gym should have. With just a few pieces of multi-purpose equipment - you’ll be able to hit a huge variety of workouts from home. Get started with:

With a collection like this, there are endless ways to challenge your body. Just be sure to tailor your choices to your fitness level. If you’re new to working out with weights, start with something light like 5 pounds - if you’re more advanced, make sure to get something that will challenge you!


3. Beef Up Your Home Gym Space

Have a dedicated gym space with your equipment in sight - that way you’re more likely to use it! Set up your area for action with everything you might need. A Bluetooth speaker for music, a tablet or TV to follow along with workout videos (get free workouts on the SHF YouTube Channel), a water bottle, and towels! When you’re fully prepared for your workout - you’ll have less distractions and more time to enjoy.


4. Get a Mirror

There’s a reason the walls of gyms everywhere are covered with mirrors. By watching yourself move, you can correct your form and prevent injury. It’s especially important when you are alone and aren’t working with a trainer who can directly correct your movement.

A mirror is no substitute for a personal trainer, but it’s a great place to start. Look up tips for the proper exercise form for your favorite exercises online, or ask one of our trainer’s! You can find us on the Official Sunny Health & Fitness Facebook group, or send us a personal message on our Instagram accounts, @sunnytrainersydney and @sunnytrainermatt.


5. Build Your Gym to Last

If you’ve already been working out at home or are ready to take that next step, my top tip is simply to consider which equipment is what you need to keep you moving for years to come. If you can confidently go into a decision knowing that that’s the case, you know it’s the right decision. We offer a variety of equipment that fits any budget. From rowers to cycle bikes, steppers to ellipticals, treadmills and strength equipment - we’ve got it!

Once you’ve narrowed in on what’s best for you, pull the trigger! Don’t forget to share your workouts with us once your product arrives. We love to see our happy customers, investing in themselves and living a healthy lifestyle!


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