20 Min Cardio Aerobic Step & Core Workout for Beginners

20 Min Cardio Aerobic Step & Core Workout for Beginners



New to aerobic stepping? Build your cardio endurance and fitness with this fun and upbeat low impact aerobic step workout for beginners! In this workout, you’ll learn how to complete basic aerobic step cardio exercises and practice them in a heart-pumping circuit! Finish your workout with a core workout to round out your routine for the day!

Workout Details

Warmup (1:30​)
0:30​ Step Jacks
0:30​ Butt Kicks
0:30​ Upper Body Combo (Arm Circles Forward & Back, Hugs, Stretch to Sky)

Cardio Circuit (3:00​)
0:30​ Basic Step
0:30​ Knee Drive
0:30​ Corner Step
0:30​ Repeaters
0:30​ Side Tap
0:30​ Recovery
Repeat 4 times!

Ab Circuit (2:00​)
0:40​ Climbers
0:40​ Russian Twist
0:40​ Shoulder Taps

1:00​ Basic Step (Slow)
Hip Flexor Stretch
Downward Dog


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