Fun Exercise Equipment: Equipment to Make Your Workouts More Enjoyable

Want to infuse some extra fun into your in home workouts? Break up the monotony of your current workout routine with these fun pieces of fitness equipment.

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Want to infuse some extra fun into your in home workouts? While repeating the same type of workout will continue to help you stay on track with your health and fitness goals, it can get difficult to repeat the same workouts over and over. In some cases, doing these workouts repeatedly could increase your risk of developing issues from overtraining. To help avoid these risks and break up the monotony of your current workout routine, I have listed some fun pieces of equipment that will help make your workouts more enjoyable while still being effective!


1. Row-N-Ride® Rowing Machine

Tired of doing the same body weight squats over and over? While squats are great for increasing your lower body strength and building lean muscle, they can often be difficult to learn. Some may even find them painful if preforming a body weight squats is too strenuous for their joints. The Row-N-Ride can help those struggling to gain the benefits of the squatting movement while helping to reduce the load on the joints involved to potentially reduce discomfort associated with an unassisted squatting movement. This machine also integrates a smooth rowing function to turn your squatting workout into a full body training experience unlike any other! The adjustable resistance bands also help you progress with your workouts, so you can build you strength and endurance.


2. Air Walker Trainer Glider

This gliding full body trainer will help you feel like you are walking on air! Stepping onto the foot platforms elevates your body so you feel like your floating off the ground. Grabbing the full motion handlebars will help you start the striding motion while engaging muscles in your upper and lower body. This low impact machine will help create a smooth workout experience that you can enjoy day after day. If you want to target your lower body, simply apply more force through your legs as you stride. For a more upper body focused workout, relax your legs and push and pull with your arms.


3. Trekpad Treadmill

It turns out that you don’t need to log many miles at peak cardio intensities to reap the health benefits of an active lifestyle. With this Trekpad you can simulate the pleasures of hiking and walking experiences you have outdoors from the comfort of your own home. As you grip the attached trekking poles, you can increase the comfort and stability of your workouts while increasing the engagement of the muscles in your upper body. This treadmill also comes with the additional benefit of transforming into a walking pad!


4. Incline Full Motion Rower

If you have completed more than a few rowing workouts, you know that there isn’t much room for variation during each rowing stroke. This incline rower was specially designed to incorporate full motion rowing handles that provide a greater degree of motion during each stroke. With the ability to switch up your grip, you can change hand grip positions to target different areas of your back and shoulders during each rowing stroke. Since this rowing machine uses a unique incline slide rail function to add body weight resistance to each stroke, you can also perform legs only presses to target your lower body without needing to perform the rowing stroke. You can check out an incline full motion rowing workout here.


5. Trampoline

Fitness trampolines offer an excellent low-impact, full-body workout, which makes it easy to get in shape while having fun! Start a workout with a five-minute warm-up by performing small jumps with your hands at your waist or side. Make sure you start jumping slowly to build rhythm and stability before you move on to other jumping movements. Visit our workouts page to for details on how to perform each exercise during our trampoline workout.


6. The Tandem Stepper

For some, working out with a companion is a great way to promote a feeling of togetherness while increasing the motivation to keep up with your fitness routine. This robust stepper ensures that you can feel supported with the presence of an exercise partner. You also have the option to use the stepper independently If desired. Stepper workouts are great for achieving a lower body training cardio workout. Check out some of our great stepper workouts on our YouTube channel!



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