Trampoline Rebounder Workout

Trampoline Rebounder Workout

Workout Overview:

Fitness trampolines offer an excellent low-impact, full-body workout, which makes it easy to get in shape while having fun! Start your workout with a five-minute warm-up by performing small jumps with your hands at your waist or side. Make sure you start jumping slowly to build rhythm and stability before you move on to the next movement. Review the following images for positioning and form for each exercise performed during the trampoline workout. Complete each exercise before moving on to the next exercise.

Warm Up position: Your hands should be at your waist or side while performing small jumps.

Duration: 5 mins.

woman standing on trampoline

Squat Jumps: Lift your knees as you jump with arms up and straight ahead. Complete 10 reps and then return to the warm up position for 1 minute. Complete three sets of 10 repetitions.

woman in mid-air in squatting form with trampoline below

High Knees: Start by running in place slowly. When your balance improves, gradually increase your high-knees speed until you can maintain a consistent speed for 2 minutes. Perform 2 minutes of high knees followed by 1 minute of recovery in the warm up position. Repeat for two sets.

woman doing high knee exercise on trampoline

Jumping Jacks: Perform Jumping Jacks for 2 minutes with 1 minute of recovery in the warm up position. Complete three sets of Jumping Jacks before moving on to the core exercises.

two image collage of woman doing jumping jacks on trampoline

Bicycle Crunches: Alternate knees to elbows for 30 seconds with 15 seconds rest. Complete three sets of bicycles before finishing your trampoline workout by completing an additional 5 minutes of jumping in the warm up position.

woman doing bicycle crunches on trampoline

Side Planks: Engage your obliques while holding the side plank position for up to 30 seconds on each side. If you cannot hold for 30 seconds, hold for as long as you can then switch sides. As your strength increase you should be able to hold the position for a longer amount of time. Complete 3 sets on each side.

woman doing side planks while leaning on trampoline

Push Ups: Place your hands on the center of the trampoline and perform 10 controlled pushups. Complete 3 sets of 10 repetitions with 30 seconds rest between sets.

woman doing push up with arms on trampoline
Trampoline rebounder exercise

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