Top Exercise Bikes and Fitness Equipment to Snag this Holiday

With killer holiday deals on  exercise bikes, cardio equipment, strength equipment, and essentials you can build a whole home gym for a fraction of the price.

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Top Exercise Bikes and Fitness Equipment to Snag this Holiday

With the holidays right around the corner and holiday deals starting to pick up, the best time of year to purchase fitness equipment is of course, Black Friday. Why pay full price for fitness equipment when you don’t have to?

With killer holiday deals on exercise bikes, cardio equipment, strength equipment, and essentials you can build a whole home gym for a fraction of the price.

Below, find our favorite fitness picks and must-buy's for this holiday season. Pick up a few fitness gifts for the holidays, and snag a little something for yourself, too (your secret is safe with us).


Best Deals & Fitness Must-Haves This Holiday

1) Best Exercise Bikes
2) Best Cardio Equipment
3) Best Home Gym Upgrades
4) Best Home Gym Essentials


Best Exercise Bikes

SF-B1964 Magnetic Indoor Sunny Bike



Get spinning with this classic cycle bike perfect for beginners. This bike features all the essentials you need for a smooth and comfortable ride like a 40-LB flywheel, magnetic resistance, and a digital monitor to track your workouts.


SF-B1913 Indoor Training Cycling Fitness Bike

Saddle up, the SF-B1913 is ideal for beginners looking for a bike designed to support their journey every step of the way. With dual caged/SPD compatible pedals, magnetic resistance, and a performance monitor—you’ll have everything you need to fine tune your ride.


SF-B1805 Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike

If you’re after a solid, no-frills ride the SF-B1805 fits the bill. With a 300LB weight capacity, fully adjustable seat and handlebars, and a 44-LB flywheel you can expect a fully customizable experience that can handle your fastest sprints and heaviest climbs.


SF-B1852 Kinetic Rear Flywheel Cycle Bike

If you feel the need for speed, consider a rear drive bike like this one. The flywheel is positioned at the rear of the bike to reduce wear and tear. The result is an incredibly smooth ride.


SF-B1986 Evolution Pro II Cycle Bike

Packing all the features you could dream of in a sleek, heavy-duty design, the SF-B1986 is the only cycle bike you’ll ever need. This bike has the essentials covered, but takes your ride above and beyond with comfort features like a device holder, dumbbell holders, and a plush, extra wide seat. 


SF-RB421004 Magnetic Smart Recumbent Bike

For those who enjoy a little extra support, the SF-RB42004 offers a breathable and supportive backrest and wide cushioned seat. Whether you prefer chill endurance rides or intense intervals, Bluetooth connect to the SunnyFit® app and follow along with hundreds of on-demand recumbent bike workouts.


CB100 Cycling Cadence Sensor

On the hunt for the perfect stocking stuffer? The search is over. Upgrade any indoor or outdoor bike with a Sunny cadence sensor. Attach this nifty little sensor to your bike and sync with the SunnyFit® app to track your metrics and cycling performance



Best Cardio Equipment

SF-E3982 Carbon Premium Magnetic Elliptical

If the elliptical is your go-to at the gym, why not add one to your home gym? Having one at home takes away all of the excuses to skip your workout. Plus, this sleek elliptical comes with 21 built-in programs and 16 levels of resistance so you’ll never get bored.


SF-T7718 Folding Treadmill with Low Deck

With a wide and low tread deck, and a folding feature, this sleek treadmill is built to fit in just about any space. Plus, it’s designed to support everything from walking to running workouts so you can easily adjust your daily workout to your mood.


SF-RW5983 Carbon Premium Air Magnetic Rowing Machine

For a hard core workout that works all the major muscle groups in your body, give rowing a try. This rowing machine is designed with a combination of air and magnetic resistance for an incredibly smooth, and adjustable rowing experience.


NO. 012-S Mini Stepper with Bands

This mini stepper may be the most compact cardio machine on our list, but it offers a seriously intense workout. Just a few minutes of stepping on this machine, and you’ll see what we mean. The heavy-duty resistance of the pedals combined with the resistance bands means you can build lean muscle and burn calories all in one go. 


SF-B2715 Zephyr Air Bike

If you like to get after it in the gym, this fan bike offers a workout just about as efficient as they come. The fan resistance means the harder you push, the harder your workout will feel. Try it for an all out HIIT session, Tabata, or this kettlebell Bootcamp workout and you’ll be on top of the world.



Best Home Gym Upgrades

SF-BH6920 Power Zone Strength Adjustable Bench

No home gym is complete without a workout bench. A simple flat bench gives you so many options from incline pushups to step ups, bench press to bulgarian split squats. But, with an adjustable weight bench like this one, the options are limitless.


NO. 088-COMBO Strength Training Band Set

Resistance bands are one of the best additions to a home gym. They pack a ton of resistance in a small design which makes them great for traveling, or throwing in your bag before the gym. These bands come in a set of 10 LB, 2 5LB, 50 LB, and 75 LB.


SF-XF921024 Essential Power Cage Squat Rack

The moment you’ll start seeing big strength gains is when you stray from weight machines and dumbbells and level up with barbell training. This power cage is compact, making it easy to fit into a garage or corner of your home gym. Plus, it includes safety racks and j hooks so you can safely lift heavy at home without a spotter. Don’t forget a barbell and some accessories, too.


SF-XF9927 Lat Pulldown Pulley System

Without a lat pulldown machine, or pullup bar at home, lats are one of the hardest to hit muscle groups. That’s why one of our favorite power rack add-ons is this lat pulldown system which makes it easy to do heavy lat pulldowns, tricep pushdowns, bicep curls, and upright rows. It’s compatible with all power zone power cages and racks including: SF-XF9931, SF-XF9933, SF-XF921041, SF-XF920020, and SF-XF920063


SF-XF9938 Weight Plate Storage System

Your home gym can quickly become a mess if you don’t have somewhere to organize all your sweet gear. Get your kit in order with a convenient weight plate storage system.


SF-XF921050 Multifunction Dip Bar

Dips are one of the best bodyweight exercises you can do for chest, shoulder, and tricep strength. If mastering a skill in 2023 is one of your New Year's resolutions, add dips to your to-do list. This dip station is all you need to go ham on dips and other exercises like elevated pushups and climbers.


NO. 025 Door Pull-Up Bar

Speaking of things to master in 2023, how about pullups? This doorway pullup bar is a simple way to get reps in at home. Plus, its compact size makes it the perfect stocking stuffer for the fitness fanatic in your life.


NO. 077S Upright Row-N-Ride® Rowing Machine 

Looking for that unique present they didn’t know they needed (but definitely do need?)—say hello to the Row-N-Ride®. This fan-favorite machine makes it easy to strengthen the glutes, quads, hamstrings, back, shoulders, and more. With up to 66 pounds of adjustable resistance, you’ll build serious muscle tone by making it a part of your regular routine. 


NO. 003 Ab Roller Exercise Wheel

Ab workouts feeling stale? Get an ab roller! Ab Wheel NO. 003 will sculpt your midsection while challenging your upper and lower body simultaneously.


Best Home Gym Essentials

NO. 031-B Yoga Mat

We don’t make the rules, but no home gym is complete without a yoga mat. Keep your workout space clean, with this yoga mat's non-slip PVC surface that’s easy to wipe down. Whether a calming yoga session or intense HIIT session is on tap, this yoga mat can handle it all.


NO. 074-L Treadmill Floor Mat

Want to elevate your home gym? This treadmill floor mat is a Sunny essential. Yes, it’s a necessity to go under any cardio equipment like a treadmill, elliptical, or bike; and, can help keep your floor clean and protected during workouts. But the large and extra large sizes are also great for bodyweight, strength, or yoga workouts, and provide ample space to move throughout your workout without restriction.


NO. 048 Tri Fold Exercise Mat

If you want to do more bodyweight workouts like Pilates or yoga, but find your knees and elbows hurt when doing floor work, this tri fold exercise mat will make your workouts way more comfortable. The thick cushioned surface provides protection for achy joints so you can get back to focusing on your workout.


NO. 082 Universal Tablet & Phone Bike Mount

Connect to the SunnyFit® app or pick a class from our workout library, clamp your tablet or phone to your cardio equipment or weights rack, and get moving. This universal clamp means you can stay connected any and everywhere.



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