3 Must-Try Row-N-Ride Pro® Workouts to Tone Your Body

Kickstart your Row-N-Ride Pro® journey with three amazing workouts to help you get started.

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3 Must-Try Row-N-Ride Pro® Workouts to Tone Your Body

If you’re ready to kickstart your Row-N-Ride Pro® journey, we have three amazing Row-N-Ride Pro® workouts to help you get started. Build strength and tone your entire body with these fun workouts that use the Row-N-Ride Pro to the fullest!

In this article, I’ll touch on the amazing benefits of Row-N-Ride Pro and how to use this machine for the best results.


Benefits of the Row-N-Ride Pro®

The Row-N-Ride Pro has all the beloved features of the Row-N-Ride with a few game changing additions - for more calorie-burning and muscle-toning potential, all from one amazing, compact machine.


1. Full Body Workout

If you’re familiar with the Row-N-Ride, then you’ll know the Row-N-Ride Pro is designed to help you achieve a wide variety of squats and rows - two compound movements, involving multiple muscle groups to help you gain strength, tone muscle, and burn more calories all in one go. While it may be designed for squats and rows, there are a slew of other exercises that can be completed off your machine, like deadlifts, glute bridges, incline chest press, bent over rows, and more.

If you’re ready to learn how to use these amazing exercises to build your workout routine, be sure to tune in to the workouts included below, in which I’ll not only show you how to do these exercises but provide an effective format for you to see results.


2. Adjustable & Powerful Resistance System

With 12 total levels of hydraulic resistance and level 12 maxing out at 202 LB, this machine offers a much higher level of resistance than the Row-N-Ride, which maxes out at 66 LB. More resistance means more strength building and toning potential! With 12 total levels of resistance, this machine is built to keep you challenged and engaged in your workouts for years to come.

In our workouts, we’ll usually always be working with just 1 level of resistance, but we always instruct you to adjust the resistance to your fitness level and needs. It’s up to you to decide when you’re ready to make a change and add more resistance. Be mindful of where you’re at in your journey, and keep pushing yourself!

The nice thing about the hydraulic resistance system on the Row-N-Ride Pro is it can be adjusted without even dismounting your machine. Simply reach down to twist the knob up or down to change the resistance level quickly and effectively.


3. Optional Resistance Bands

The Row-N-Ride Pro offers even more options to sculpt your body and create a fun and engaging workout with the optional resistance bands. When attached to the front base of your machine, these resistance bands can be used for a variety of exercises such as kickbacks, inner thigh kicks, outer thigh kicks, bicep curls, rows, shoulder raises, and lots more. The options with the Row-N-Ride Pro are truly endless!


Row-N-Ride Pro® Workouts

20-Minute Row-N-Ride Pro® Beginner Class

If you’ve just unboxed your Row-N-Ride and you’re ready to get started, join me for this beginner class and complete your first workout on your new machine! In this workout, we focus on squats and rows, two classic exercises that will be incorporated in nearly every workout you do on your machine. This workout includes plenty of rest to help you ease into using your machine for the very first time and can easily be completed on either the Row-N-Ride or Row-N-Ride Pro.


20-Minute Row-N-Ride Pro® Glute Focused Class

The long-awaited 20-Minute Glute-Focused Class is here! In this class, we’ll be focused on squats, deadlifts, as well as some fun accessory work like kickbacks and sidekicks with the attached resistance bands. I’ll coach you through how to increase engagement in the glutes during each of these moves and be right there with you as we fight through the burn together! Come join me for 20 minutes of sizzling glute work.


25-Minute Row-N-Ride Pro® Resistance Band Class

Ready to put the attached resistance bands on your Row-N-Ride Pro® to work? In this workout, we’ll focus on engaging upper and lower exercises designed to target your glutes, inner and outer thigh, biceps, back, shoulders, and more. Grab those resistance bands, and let’s do this!


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