Denise Cervantes, Fitness Trainer

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Denise Cervantes, Fitness Trainer



As a kid, Denise loved playing sports and being a part of a team. She valued being able to jump, throw, run, hit, kick, and play. The opportunity to be active was always a gift. However, as Denise got older, she found herself under immense pressure to look a particular shape rather than perform well. Fitness became an aesthetic goal and punishment for overeating. Her play became hours of cardio and low-carb diets, and started feeling more like a chore rather than a gift.

That's when her pursuit to learn the science behind fitness began; Why do it? What does it do? and how to apply it correctly. She earned a B.Sc. in Kinesiology at CSU Long Beach and a Masters in Kinesiology at Cal Baptist University. She is as a certified personal trainer and exercise group instructor with accredited fitness organizations like; ACE, AFFA, NASM, and ACSM. She received scholarships from school and recognition for her work with renowned organizations like the LA Fit Expo, Fitness Fest in Arizona, ACSM Summit, and IDEA World Fitness Conventions. She completed internship work in rehabilitation and private training settings, and worked with older adult and youth fitness, and corporate settings. Denise’s work is also featured in Nike, Well & Good, Newsweek, and Oxygen Magazines.

Denise’s education and 22 years of experience in the fitness industry, made her realize she had been doing it all wrong! She also learned that so much is wrong within the fitness industry. She started over, the right way, not training for look or shape, but focused on what amazing things her body can do.

She placed 1st in her debut natural bodybuilding show at the age of 40 in her division, and overall. She competes as a master's athlete in the sport of Olympic weightlifting and CrossFit; She competes with women half her age in Jujitsu and triathlon sports. And she enjoys having the vivacity in her spare time to coach her son and daughter's teams in youth sports organizations.

After years of trial and error in her personal fitness journey, she has gained so much wisdom that she needs to share! She wants everyone to take less time than she did to figure it out. Her goal is to show you that fitness is much more than what is out there in google searches and media. Denise wants you to understand how to apply fitness into your lifestyle, she says it will be the perfect little puzzle piece that completes the remarkable picture of your life.

Let Denise empower you to use your body how it is meant to be used, and experience how movement improves your overall health and well-being throughout all stages of your life.

Like Denise always says, “Fitness is made for everybody, and every body is made for fitness!” As your instructor, Denise is here for you; so have fun and be a bigger part of something that brings us all together. Common’ bring your friends, family, and loved ones to join Denise for the ride!


15-MIN Indoor Bike Beginner Ride

15-MIN Beginner Row

15-MIN Beginner Walk & Jog