Eunice Sachs, Fitness Trainer

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Eunice Sachs, Fitness Trainer



Eunice is a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach with a passion for helping others improve their physical and mental health. She believes the mental aspect of fitness is just as important as the physical, as she’s transformed her mental health through working out and living a healthy lifestyle.

She left the corporate sales world to pursue her dreams in fitness after realizing it was her true passion. Since then, Eunice has been training clients 1:1 as well as teaching group fitness classes for 3 years.

Eunice’s goal is to help clients fall in love with fitness and how good it makes them feel – mentally and physically. She is all about working hard, having fun, and finding breakthroughs! Eunice just got married a few months ago and loves her husband and her dog Charlie more than anything in the world.


10-MIN Intermediate Core Strength

25-MIN Intermediate Dumbbell Strength

5-MIN Lower Body Strength