20 Minute Beginner Stepper Workout

20 Minute Beginner Stepper Workout



Mini steppers are great exercise machines to help you burn calories while developing the muscles in your legs, hips, and thighs. Follow along with Sunny trainer Matt as he coaches you through this 20-minute beginner stepper workout. In this workout you will perform a body weight warm up off the stepper before beginning the ON stepper portion of the workout. The basic step, quick step, and basic step with arm swings will be performed after the warm up. After the stepper cardio-focus segment of the workout, you will dismount the stepper to begin the body weight exercises. You will end the workout with a full stretch routine to help reduce any stiffness in your calves, hips, and hamstrings. For those that are ready to increase the intensity of their workouts simply perform all stepping all motions without the handlebars.

Workout Details

Warm Up:
OFF the Stepper

30 seconds – March in place
30 seconds – Lateral step with butt kicks
30 seconds – Cross over reach
30 seconds – Step back lunges
30 seconds – March in place

ON the Stepper (Cardio focus)
1 minute - basic step
1 minute - quick step
1 minute – basic step with arm swing
1 minute – quick step
1 minute – basic step with arm swing
(Rest 30 seconds off the stepper)

Off the stepper (Bodyweight exercises)
Wall sit – 30 seconds
Calf Raises – 30 seconds
(Repeat 3 rounds)

Standing Hamstring – 30 seconds (x2)
Calf Stretch (right and left legs) – 30 seconds (x2)
Kneeling Hip Flexor (right and left) – 30 seconds (x2)
Supine Glute (right and left side) – 30 seconds (x2)


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