20 Min Treadmill Interval Run

Join us for a dynamic 20-minute Treadmill Interval Run led by our Sunny Trainer Mandee.

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20 Min Treadmill Interval Run




Join us for a dynamic 20-minute Treadmill Interval Run led by our expert trainer, Mandee Miller. Whether you're just starting or a seasoned runner, this workout is designed for all levels.


Workout Length

20 Minutes

Workout Level



Mandee Miller



- Warm up with a gentle incline walk at 1.0.

- Increase the intensity with an incline of 4.0.

- Experience the thrill of the first Run Interval.

- Recover with a slight incline of 3.0.

- Ready for another challenge? Bump it up to 2.0 incline.

- Keep the momentum going with another Run Interval.

- Enjoy an active recovery at 1.0 incline.

- It's time for a well-deserved recovery period.

- Get back into the groove with another Run Interval.

- Keep your heart rate up during the following recovery.

- Another exhilarating Run Interval awaits.

- Take a breather during your recovery phase.

- Gear up for one more invigorating Run Interval.

- Enjoy a final recovery period.

- Push yourself with the Goal Speed Run Interval.

- Begin your cooldown journey.

Elevate your running game and have a blast with Sunny Health & Fitness. Don't forget to download our free SunnyFit App for more exciting workouts and fitness insights. Let's run towards a healthier you!"


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