4 Free Weight Exercises for Intense Lower Body Circuit

4 Free Weight Exercises for Intense Lower Body Circuit



In this killer lower body circuit, Sunny fitness trainer Sydney guides you through 4 different free-weight exercises using a kettlebell, dumbbells, exercise mat, and bench. Each exercise in this workout is designed to strengthen and target muscles in your lower body. Complete 12 reps of each exercise, as fast as you can with proper form. At the end of the circuit, take a 60 second rest. Repeat the circuit 3 total times for an intense and effective lower body workout.

When selecting the right weight for this workout, be sure to pick a weight for your fitness level. At the right weight, this workout will be challenging but you should be able to finish all your reps. 

Workout Details

Complete 12 reps of each exercise in the circuit below:

  • RDL to Goblet Squat
  • Stationary Lunge
  • Step Ups
  • Glute Thrust

Rest 60 seconds, complete 3 rounds of circuit.

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