Balance Training Exercises for Seniors w/ Chair

Balance Training Exercises for Seniors w/ Chair



Due to a decrease in bone density, and a higher risk of osteoporosis with age, many older adults live with the fear of falling. But you don’t have to continue living with fear, this balance training class for seniors is a great place to start for improving balance and giving you the peace of mind to walk through your day with confidence.

Workout Details

- 10x Standing March
- 10-30 sec Hold
- 10x Step Back
- 10x Hip Abduction
- 10x Heel to Toe Raises
- 10x Side Taps
- 10x Hip Extension
- 10x Chair Squat (Hands, Single Hand, No Hands)


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  • Dj

    I love this DOABLE EXERCISE!

  • Kate

    Good workout but background music distracting and too loud ☺️