Full Body Rowing Machine Workout

Full Body Rowing Machine Workout



Follow along to this quick full body workout that will help you burn calories while focusing on the development of the muscles in your lower body and upper body. The Incline Full Motion Rowing Machine brings a unique twist to the traditional in-home rowing workout experience. This rower uses your own body weight to provide resistance as you press with your legs and pull with your arms during each rowing stroke. Follow along with Sunny Health & Fitness Trainer, Matt, as he demonstrates the full workout.

Workout Details

Warm Up – 2 mins.

Leg Press – 15 Repetitions

Rear Delt Row – 15 Repetitions Up-tempo Row – 1 min.

Leg Press – 15 Repetitions

Neutral Grip Row – 15 Repetition

Up-tempo Row – 1 min.

Leg Press – 15 Repetitions

Wide Row – 15 Repetitions

Up-Tempo Row – 1 min.

Cool Down Row (Alternating Grip Positions) – 2 min.

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  • Jennifer Norton

    Please add more workouts for this product! The machine is fun and a great workout in itself but a guided workout is great too. This is a best seller but has only 1 workout. Most have more. Thank you for considering adding to the fun and fitness that this equipment provides.