How to Perform Jumps & Climbs Cycle Interval Workout

How to Perform Jumps & Climbs Cycle Interval Workout


Increase cardiovascular endurance and burn maximum calories with this Jumps & Climbs Cycle Interval Workout.

Warm up:

To begin this workout, start with a 4-minute warm up ride at a low intensity and high cadence. Alternate between 90 second bouts of seated cycling, with 30 seconds of climbing, to warm up your core body temperature and prepare your muscles for the higher intensity portions of this workout.

Jump interval:

Once you’ve completed the warm up, immediately increase your resistance and begin your first 30 second jump interval, alternating between two counts standing, and two counts seated.

Climb interval & recovery:

Upon completion head straight into a 30 second climb interval. Repeat the jump and climb interval 3 total times, for 3 total minutes of exercise, before lowering your resistance and slowing down your pace for an easy seated 2-minute recovery cycle.

Repeat the 3-minute interval and 2-minute recovery portion of the workout 4 total times, for a full 20-minute calorie scorching workout!

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