Plank Finisher to Strengthen Core and Tone Abs

Plank Finisher to Strengthen Core and Tone Abs



Strengthen your core and get tight and toned abs with this surprisingly challenging plank finisher. It’s the perfect way to finish off any workout, or a great little routine if you only have a few minutes to work out. Join Sunny Trainer Sydney and embrace the burn together as she coaches you through this finisher that will target your core from all the right angles.

Workout Details

Complete each movement in the circuit on one side of your body, with minimal rest between exercises.

0:30 Mountain Climber
0:30 Straight Climber
0:30 Spider Climber

Once completed take 15-30 seconds of rest (or more as needed) and repeat circuit on the other side.

0:30 Plank Hold

Rest for 1:00 and repeat entire routine!

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