Seated Dumbbell Strength Workout

Seated Dumbbell Strength Workout



This Seated Dumbbell Strength Workout is great for seniors or those working on recovering strength or balance after an injury. Complete these exercises with the comfort of your chair for support. Follow along with Sunny Trainer, Sydney, as she shares modifications and advancements you can make as you get stronger and fitter throughout your fitness journey!

*The office chair in this video was just used for ease of demonstration of the exercises, we recommend performing these exercises on a sturdy chair with a solid base for your safety and stability during this workout.

Workout Details

10 times each!

Upper Body
- Deltoid Ext. Rotation
- Curl to OVH Press
- Tricep Kickbacks
- Rows
- Front Raises
- Side Shoulder Hold w/ Twist

Lower Body
- Toe Raises
- Knee Crunches
- Chair Squats
- Hip Abduction (modification step back)
- Hip Kickback (modification step back)


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  • Angie

    These are fantastic! Thank you so much!

  • Laurie Kelly

    Great workout for seniors – but NEVER, EVER do this in a chair on wheels!!!! This is an accident waiting to happen! (PS I’m a fitness coach who works a lot with seniors)