Treadmill Workout with the Asuna 7700

Treadmill Workout with the Asuna 7700

This week, we are proud to show off the incredible 7700 high performance trainer by ASUNA. The manual trainer is a high intensity treadmill built for the toughest fitness enthusiasts. Train with ASUNA and #BecomeBetter.

woman leaning over on treadmill

Increase your 7700’s incline to the maximum incline level and place the resistance to level 6/7. Start your warm up with one minute walks with 30 second breaks. Try this for 7-10 minutes.

woman performing mountain climbers on treadmill

Mountain Climbers - Crank up the resistance and perform 3-5 sets of 25 reps of mountain climbers. You don't have to go fast to feel the burn in your legs, calves, core and arms. This full body workout is incredible!!

legs walking backwards on treadmill

Backward Jogging - Engage your hamstrings and glutes as you jog at a steady pace. Increase the resistance up to 8 levels and feel the power of the dual flywheels weighing in at 33 lbs combined! The 7700 is more than a's a trainer! I recommend resistance 1-3 for backwards jogging.

woman doing squats on treadmill with body facing sideways

Workout with unlimited possibilities every time you exercise on the 7700 Hi Performance Cardio Trainer. Side Squat to engage a full body workout. Get to work! Perform 3 sets of 20 and work that booty.

woman upper body leaning on treadmill

Multi-Grip handlebars allow you to create a versatile workout every time you exercise on the ASUNA 7700 Hi-Performance Trainer. Crank up the highest resistance and adjust the incline to the highest intensity and get ready to workout like never before. Are you ready?

woman doing hand walkers on treadmill

Hand Walkers: Probably the greatest core workout you will ever perform on a treadmill! Pull the tread toward you and feel your obliques work like never before. Just one minute will have you sweating!

Asuna 7700 treadmill


Training to get the right results is what this machine will do. This self powered treadmill does it all: Sports specific training, general fitness, and rehabilitation.

** Our information is verified by Fitness Expert, David Friedman, who has a Masters in Exercise Science and Rehabilitation.

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